Big Strong Chest Muscles Command Respect And Confidence

Big Strong Chest Muscles Command Respect And Confidence

So you want to​ build big and powerful chest muscles? Huge big pectoral muscles (pecs) or​ chest muscles that command respect and adoration? You can be the proud owner of​ a​ big and powerful chest.

Many people actually think that there are 2 separate chest muscles, well there aren't. The chest muscle or​ pecs that you see on each side of​ your chest is​ a​ fan shaped one continuous muscle although they may be called by different names such as​ pectoralis major, minor and clavicle head to​ differentiate the different parts of​ the same muscle.

All chest exercises work your chest muscle but from different angles which places different stress on your chest. You need to​ use a​ variety of​ chest muscle exercises to​ hit your pecs at​ various angles to​ stimulate massive muscle growth. Each different angle you use with any chest muscle exercises will reach into various different fibers in​ your chest muscles for effective stimulation of​ different areas of​ your pecs so that your entire chest will grow muscles fast and symmetrically giving you that broad and powerful chest that threatens to​ rip through your t-shirt.

For best results building your chest muscles, use free weights, especially dumb bells instead of​ machines. Chest muscle workout that use any chest machines should be avoided as​ it​ has many disadvantages like it​ will not only produce the desired results may also cause injuries because of​ its narrow range of​ movements. Your chest muscles will also not grow fast because machine exercises lack the involvement of​ synergistic muscles or​ surpporting muscles. as​ with any weightlifting workout, proper lifting form and techniques are of​ paramount importance.

Many people typically use only 1 or​ 2 types of​ chest exercises and almost invariably, it's the flat bench press and flys. Well, to​ build a​ powerfully big and well chiseled chest muscles, that is​ a​ fatal mistake as​ you do not adequately hit the pecs from all angles so as​ to​ stimulate muscle growth in​ your entire chest muscle. All chest muscle exercises will not only work your chest but also your delts, biceps and triceps to​ a​ lesser extent. So you need to​ focus, visualize and to​ concentrate the force on the chest. Mind and your chest muscle connection is​ vital here so as​ to​ make your chest work harder instead of​ using your triceps, delts or​ biceps to​ power your chest workout. Also work on the full range of​ motion and squeeze your chest muscles hard at​ every top of​ each movement. Always lower your weight slowly and deliberately fighting gravity to​ provide more resistance to​ your chest muscles and therefore elicit more muscle fibers for more muscle growth.

A word of​ caution though. You will need a​ spotter or​ a​ personal trainer for safety reasons because you must lift heavy for excellent muscle gain especially so for chest muscle development. Your spotter or​ personal trainer will also be able to​ correct your mistakes and help you with forced reps to​ reach into the deep tissues to​ elicit maximum muscle fiber stimulation.

Big Strong Chest Muscles Command Respect And Confidence

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