Beware Of Ms Internet Explorer Plug Ins

Beware Of Ms Internet Explorer Plug Ins

Recently, I upgraded my copy of​ Internet Explorer. No big deal, right? Well, I thought it​ was an​ upgrade. in​ actuality it​ turned out to​ be a​ product masking as​ an​ upgrade called Intelligent Explorer and​ when it​ downloaded to​ my machine, it​ started a​ nightmarish journey that taught me a​ wealth about what one wrong click can unleash on​ your computer.

I did some quick research via Google and​ found messages screaming for​ help in​ the​ BullGuard and​ Spywareinfo forum from people trying to​ get it​ off their machine. in​ this article, I am going to​ use Internet Explorer to​ point out the​ Internet Explorer plugin nightmare and​ what you'll need to​ do to​ protect yourself.

Intelligent Explorer is​ a​ toolbar that moves in​ and​ takes over your browser. it​ is​ extremely hard to​ get rid of, and​ beyond that, it's just plain annoying. Here's is​ just one sample of​ a​ person calling for​ help:

""Hey I'm having issues with something called Internet explorer toolbar - Intelligent explorer. I can't find a​ way to​ remove it​ from my comp and​ I really don't want to​ reinstall windows. I've used spybot, ad-ware, and​ cw shredder but nothing seems to​ work."

What makes Intelligent Explorer so destructive is​ that it​ allows other software add-ons to​ download to​ you​ computer. And, even more insulting to​ your intelligence is​ that in​ their license agreement it​ states that they have the​ right to​ do it.

"You grant to​ us the​ right, exercisable by us until you​ uninstall the​ Software or​ this agreement is​ otherwise terminated, to​ provide to​ you​ the​ Service of​ downloading and​ causing to​ be displayed advertising material on​ your computer, through "pop-up" or​ other display while you​ use your browser. you​ acknowledge and​ agree that installation of​ the​ Software may automatically modify toolbars and​ other settings of​ your browser. By installing the​ Software, you​ agree to​ such modifications."

You can go to​ to​ read the​ entire license agreement.

The company that pushes this parasitic software is​ an​ obfuscated firm incorporated in​ the​ tiny country of​ Belize outside of​ most jurisdictions and​ immune from legal actions.

The pop-ups generated by this plugin run the​ gamut from annoying to​ po​rnographic. it​ can create a​ new homepage, generate an​ endless loop of​ popup ads, reappear after removal and​ cause endless hours of​ frustration.

Thank God for​ XoftSpy located at​ After two scans, it​ finally got rid of​ it, and​ it​ only cost me $40. Freeware is​ available, but at​ the​ level of​ frustration I was at, I went for​ a​ guaranteed product. at​ least, if​ it​ didn't work, I could return it​ and​ get my money back. Other good eliminators include Spyware Eliminator, Spyware COP and​ Spybot Search and​ Destroy.

I have subsequently switched browsers, recognizing that Internet Explorer just has too many holes in​ its current security. Mozilla Firefox has become my browser of​ choice. it​ comes with superior security features and​ it's much easier to​ get rid of​ plug-ins that prove harassing. I have only gone over one plug-in problem I encountered when using IE. XoftSpy took care of​ others as​ well, but I got a​ much better browser and​ fewer problems when I made the​ switch to​ Mozilla Firefox.

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