Betting On Us Sports

Betting On Us Sports

With the​ explosion of​ internet betting gone are the​ days when betting on the​ like of​ the​ NFL, NHL or​ the​ NBA are confined to​ just the​ outright winner or​ match handicaps (where the​ outsider is​ given a​ lead in​ order to​ make the​ best more even). as​ competition within the​ world of​ internet betting has mushroomed so has the​ range of​ bets offered as​ they compete to​ become ‘the leading exponent of​ US sports’. On any match now you can bet on ‘over & under’ which is​ betting on whether you reckon the​ total amount of​ points scored will be over or​ under a​ given number. Wider afield you can go for​ what the​ first scoring play will be or​ even who the​ Man of​ the​ Match award will be given or​ MVP (Most Valuable Player).

As a​ result the​ popularity of​ US Sports betting has also risen simply due to​ the​ fact that there is​ more for​ the​ ‘leisure’ bettor to​ get involved with and​ more enticing odds that those in​ the​ two horse race that is​ one side or​ the​ other to​ win. Whilst there is​ a​ huge lobby to​ restrict internet betting in​ the​ US the​ feeling that the​ bird has flown the​ nest is​ very strong as​ off-shore operators are queuing up for​ the​ business and​ many have now even listed themselves on the​ UK stock exchange giving them an​ immediate credibility.

For those of​ you with a​ nervous disposition it’s probably worth turning away now as​ the​ biggest growth area in​ betting in​ the​ US, outside of​ the​ monster that is​ Poker, is​ College sports! Yep, I’m afraid bookies will take bets on almost anything if​ the​ appetite is​ there – one was taking bets on how would die in​ the​ latest Harry Potter book another on the​ outcome of​ the​ Michael Jackson trial. is​ nothing sacred, apparently not? and​ the​ NCAAF is​ no different – but before we judge to​ harshly, let’s not pretend that private underground wagering on the​ College sports has been massive for​ years so why not bring it​ out into the​ open. for​ those interested, Florida State and​ Miami are joint favourites in​ the​ ACC Conference Championship.

In the​ more mainstream fields Indianapolis just head the​ betting in​ the​ NFL over New England for​ the​ Superbowl XLI, its hard to​ split the​ Detroit Red Wings and​ the​ Ottawa Senators (who, with a​ name like, that should certainly know better than have a​ bet) in​ the​ Stanley Cup and​ in​ the​ MLB World Series its very tight in​ the​ betting between the​ New York Mets, Chicago White Sox, Boston Red Sox and​ the​ New York Yankees.

Well, happy betting as​ our eyes start to​ turn away from the​ World Cup (that’s soccer to​ those who only follow the​ US stuff) and​ look forward to​ a​ new season of​ Hockey, Baseball, American Football and​ Basketball

We hope this helps but visit or​ read the​ paper, out every day for​ more tips and​ hints.

Betting On Us Sports

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