Betting On Football A Simple Guide From The Sportsman

Betting On Football A Simple Guide From The Sportsman

Football betting has seen an​ incredible rise over the​ last 10 years as​ the​ bookmakers have opened up the​ sport by offering a​ myriad of​ markets to​ bet on from the​ obvious to​ the​ ridiculous. With the​ World Cup round the​ corner and​ the​ Premiership, SPL and​ National Leagues following on soon after you might like to​ be armed with a​ bit of​ the​ basic knowledge so that you can get involved too!

The Sportsman is​ the​ UK’s newest daily newspaper and​ website devoted entirely to​ sports betting and​ racing so who better to​ guide you through the​ basics?

Betting has an​ awful lot of​ jargon but it’s not nearly as​ complicated as​ you might think. the​ most popular bet in​ football outside of​ the​ straight forward who will win the​ World Cup or​ Premiership itself is​ the​ match betting.

The first thing to​ remember when betting on a​ football match is​ that it’s not a​ two horse race! a​ lot of​ people think that you are betting on, say, England or​ Sweden to​ win the​ match – which, of​ course you can but forget the​ draw at​ your peril. Bookmakers pay out on matches on the​ score after the​ first 90 minutes so extra time is​ not included and​ anybody who knows football knows that there are plenty of​ draws so don’t be afraid to​ back the​ draw.

Another very popular bet is​ who will score the​ first goal. Now whilst this is​ an​ obvious and​ appealing bet it​ is​ very hard to​ get right. Most bookmakers now offer a​ slightly different bet that gives you a​ much better chance of​ backing an​ all important winner, namely your chosen play to​ score at​ any time during the​ match. With the​ first scorer option your bet can be finished in​ the​ first minute whereas with the​ ‘to score during the​ match’ you can win at​ any time until the​ final whistle.

Predicting the​ correct score is​ another very popular choice though again not as​ easy thing to​ get right and​ again for​ an​ easier option most bookmakers now bet on the​ number of​ goals there will be in​ a​ match. So if​ you get the​ right number of​ goals but they don’t have to​ be the​ actual correct score, i.e., Liverpool 2 Spurs 1.

The other factor that often confuses those new to​ betting is​ the​ odds themselves – what does 6/4 mean? Basically, 3/1 most understand – you place £1 and​ win £3 – but remember if​ you win you also get your stake back too so your full return would be £4 (a profit of​ £3). Odds like 6/4 are less complicated than they appear – essentially if​ you divide the​ figure on the​ left by the​ one on the​ right and​ you get what the​ odds mean to​ a​ £1 stake. So in​ the​ case of​ 6/4, divide 6 by 4 and​ you get 1.5. the​ example, 6/4, is​ therefore 1.5/1. if​ you bet £1 at​ 6/4 you receive £1.50 profit and​ your stake back.

We hope this helps but visit or​ read the​ paper, out every day for​ more tips and​ hints.

Betting On Football A Simple Guide From The Sportsman

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