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Here are the​ top five web hosting sites according to​ well known web masters who have been transacting with various web hosting companies for​ years. This review is​ intended to​ help other webmasters who want to​ have the​ right and​ suitable choice for​ website hosting services. the​ review is​ based according to​ reliability or​ uptime, cost of​ the​ web hosting service, customer support quality and​ effectiveness. So here are the​ web hosting companies arranged according to​ overall ratings and​ a​ brief introduction of​ each:

1. Apollo Hosting has a​ rating of​ 5 out of​ 5 according to​ web masters and​ rated as​ the​ top 1.

Apollo Hosting is​ a​ very reputable company that has been established for​ quite some time now. it​ has competitive prices for​ its web hosting services package with low fees on setup. it​ has a​ lot of​ features and​ resources. a​ client can also avail of​ its multiple websites with just one account to​ maintain all of​ it. it​ also provides either Windows or​ Linux based hosting. Their customer service is​ quite good providing a​ live chat feature which is​ available 24/7. the​ company also provides a​ 30 day money back guarantee.

Apollo’s greatest advantage over the​ other web hosting companies is​ its built-in features. They are now offering their budget priced plan which is​ called “Value” at​ a​ fair price of​ $6.96 per month and​ a​ 2 year contract.

2. Infinity Host has a​ rating of​ 4.5 out of​ 5. it​ is​ currently top rated at​ number 2.

For the​ consumer who is​ on a​ tight budget, Infinity Host offers very good hosting services. They offer their Budget VPS plans as​ one of​ their hosting packages. it​ is​ quite different from the​ other companies hosting plans, their shared hosting boast of​ a​ very high security feature. .

Infinity host offers their clients allocated resources so as​ not to​ be slowed down by other sites hosted on the​ same server who try to​ steal most of​ the​ processor time, memory and​ bandwidth. They also offer a​ separate “sendmail” process so that bouncing of​ email is​ prevented.

Almost all of​ the​ hosting companies offer the​ usual shared hosting while Infinity offers the​ VPS on their budget plans which is​ pretty impressive – providing cost effective plans with a​ state-of-the-art hosting services.

3. at​ number 3 is​ with a​ rating of​ 4 out 5. was formerly known as​ Interland. They offer a​ DIY hosting which comprises basic hosting with marketing and​ shopping cart support. Their first website plan is​ a​ standard hosting solution with the​ same price with other hosting companies. This plan is​ well suited for​ personal or​ hobby sites. They also offer a​ pricey plan with unlimited transfer. has a​ vast online library which provides quick and​ immediate support. They also have their phone and​ chat services for​ those who need more step-by-step instructions.

4. ANHosting has a​ rating of​ 4 out of​ 5.

ANHosting offers a​ cheap hosting plan but you have to​ bear the​ long time it​ takes to​ sign-up. Their best offer is​ the​ plan with a​ large storage although this plan may be well suited for​ those tech-savvy people who only want a​ simple storefront.

5. the​ last is​

This hosting company promises that it​ can host unlimited domains with a​ single account. They have 24/7 phone support, and​ has a​ drag and​ drop website builder.

It is​ not suitable for​ people looking for​ extensive ecommerce site because it​ only offers one plan in​ which upgrades are never supported.

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