Best Price Car Buying Technique

Best Price Car Buying Technique

To get the best deal, whether you're buying a​ new or​ used car, you want to​ avoid the "lion's den". in​ other words, don't even go to​ a​ Dealer until you've already struck a​ deal.

That's right. to​ get the absolute best price possible, you do not want to​ be sitting there in​ a​ Dealership negotiating back and forth with a​ salesperson. This is​ where they want you.

The Dealership is​ where they can wear you down or​ confuse you with their very effective selling techniques such as​ "the 4-sguare", "going for a​ bump", "using leg", and many others.

Instead, you want to​ stay off their turf entirely by simply using the phone.

Call three or​ four Dealerships with similar vehicles and tell them you are buying a​ car in​ the next 48 hours. Also tell them the car you are interested in​ and that you are comparing final offers from four different Dealerships. Keep the call straightforward and short.

By doing this, the Dealers are forced to​ compete for your sale. Let them get back to​ you with their best "out-the-door" prices. if​ a​ Dealer's quote takes them out of​ the running, let them know you'll consider another offer from them.

Trust me, Dealers want your business. They're not going to​ want to​ lose the sale, particularly when they also know you are buying a​ similar vehicle somewhere else.

The last Dealer standing wins. Only then do you go to​ the Dealership to​ look at​ and drive the car, and to​ then do the paperwork if​ you are satisfied.

This technique also works even better during the last two or​ three days of​ the month. Often, Dealerships have monthly quotas and their last few days "make or​ break them".

By following this technique, you've been the one in​ control during the entire process.

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