Best Investment Real Estate Locations

Best Investment Real Estate Locations

Best Investment Real Estate Locations
Where are the​ best investment real estate locations? if​ you have enough experience investing in​ real estate, you can make money almost anywhere, but there are always places that are better or​ worse for​ real estate investments .​
for​ maximum profits, you want places that have a​ better demand/supply ratio .​
You can use the​ questions below to​ find them.
Real Estate Demand
1 .​
Does the​ area have decent job growth? Ask local authorities and​ use census information .​
Ideally, you want to​ see job growth equal to​ or​ exceeding population growth .​
You also want areas with professional jobs moving in .​
It is​ estimated that for​ every professional job created, there are four service jobs created, and​ all those employees need a​ place to​ live .​
2 .​
is​ the​ population growing? You can check the​ US Census figures online, or​ ask the​ local government if​ they have the​ statistics .​
Stay away from areas that have little growth.
3 .​
is​ there a​ decent quality of​ life? It's subjective, but important .​
Are there theaters and​ bookstores? Count coffee shops and​ cafes .​
Trendy areas usually have increasing demand for​ housing .​
It's also a​ good indication of​ a​ high quality-of-life if​ people are willing to​ take lower-paying jobs just to​ live there.
4 .​
is​ there wealth in​ the​ area? It's a​ good sign when there is​ some degree of​ wealth in​ a​ town .​
Look for​ nice homes .​
Wealth means everything doesn't die when the​ economy slows.
Real Estate Supply
1 .​
Number of​ homes for​ sale? Lower supply of​ homes for​ sale means upward pressure on prices .​
This indirectly drives up rents as​ well, which makes for​ better investing.
2 .​
New construction? Census figures can tell you what's happened over the​ last ten years .​
Check with the​ local authorities to​ see if​ the​ the number of​ housing units they've issued permits for​ is​ more or​ less than the​ expected population growth.
3 .​
Rent and​ vacancy levels? Rents have to​ be high enough, and​ vacancies low enough to​ justify investing .​
When we first came to​ Tucson, every building had vacancies We saw a​ man holding a​ sign that read, Apartment - $250 Per Month .​
a​ great place for​ renters, but not so great for​ landlords.
4 .​
The available land that is​ buildable? of​ course, less available land is​ better for​ future appreciation .​
When the​ land runs out, the​ prices start accelerating upwards.
When you use these questions to​ compare various towns and​ cities, you'll see the​ differences more clearly .​
You'll have an​ idea about how housing demand compares to​ supply in​ each .​
This will help you pinpoint the​ best investment real estate locations.

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