Benefits Of Vitamin E In Question

Benefits Of Vitamin E In Question

Benefits of​ Vitamin E in​ question
Although taking vitamin supplements is​ generally a​ daily routine with most people,​ the​ benefits of​ vitamin E in​ the​ human body is​ not clearly established,​ but it​ is​ known to​ be an essential nutrient in​ more than 20 vertebrate species. the​ vitamin plays some role in​ forming red blood cells and muscle and other tissues and in​ preventing the​ oxidation of​ vitamin a​ and fats. it​ is​ found in​ vegetable oils,​ wheat germ,​ liver,​ and leafy green vegetables. Vitamin E is​ popularly advocated for a​ wide range of​ diseases,​ but no substantial evidence has been found to​ back these claims. in​ fact,​ recently there have been conflicting reports regarding the​ benefit of​ vitamin E. Although vitamin E is​ stored in​ the​ body,​ overdoses appear to​ have lower toxic effects than do overdoses of​ other fatsoluble vitamins. the​ benefits of​ vitamin e supplements have been widely discussed and there are various opinions as​ to​ it​ efficacy; however,​ it​ has been noted that in​ low doses it​ does not seem have a​ detrimental effect.
Even the​ finest public health and medical services are of​ limited value to​ people who have poor health habits. Numerous studies have proven that physical health and longevity are linked to​ the​ following eating a​ balanced diet,​ maintaining proper weight,​ exercising regularly,​ using condoms and limiting the​ number of​ sexual partners,​ avoiding tobacco,​ and avoiding ​alcohol​ or​ consuming it​ in​ moderation. People who fail to​ follow these guidelines increase their risk of​ cardiovascular disease,​ cancer,​ AIDS,​ hepatitis,​ and other lethal diseases.
The benefits of​ vitamin E should be discussed with your personal doctor. There have been so many conflicting research results published lately that it​ makes it​ very difficult to​ determine the​ best course of​ action for each particular individual. Another report indicated that the​ effect of​ lowdose supplements lowered the​ risk of​ death by less than 1%,​ while high dosages contributed to​ death. as​ with all supplements unless otherwise indicated by your physician,​ moderation is​ always preferable.
In an article in​ the​ July 6 JAMA,​ IMin Lee,​ M. B. B. S. ,​ Sc. D. ,​ of​ Brigham and Womens Hospital and Harvard Medical School,​ Boston,​ and colleagues analyzed data from the​ vitamin E component of​ the​ Womens Health Study,​ which tested whether vitamin E supplementation decreases the​ risk of​ cardiovascular disease and cancer among healthy women. the​ researchers found with the​ vitamin E group,​ there was no significant effect on​ major cardiovascular events,​ on​ the​ incidences of​ heart attack or​ stroke,​ as​ well as​ ischemic or​ hemorrhagic stroke. For cardiovascular death,​ there was a​ 24 percent reduction. There was no significant effect on​ the​ incidences of​ total cancer or​ breast,​ lung,​ or​ colon cancers. Cancer deaths also did not differ significantly between groups. There was no significant effect of​ vitamin E on​ total death although some research shows that large doses do indeed have a​ detrimental effect.
Online merchants that specialize in​ vitamin supplements can assist you in​ determining your needs. However,​ when considering the​ facts about vitamin E as​ with all other supplements,​ it​ is​ wise to​ first discuss the​ matter with your own doctor. Once it​ has been determined that you should take a​ particular vitamin or​ many vitamin supplements,​ you should consider all the​ online sources for nutritional supplements. the​ prices are much more competitive than at​ typical retail stores and they offer the​ same guarantees.

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