Benefits Of A Good Training Journal

Most of​ us have trained at​ one part in​ our lives. Chances are if​ you’ve ever taken your training seriously you’ve used a​ training journal or​ a​ training log.

The main difference between training journals and training logs,​ is​ what you document in​ them after each workout or​ day,​ etc. Training journals are just that. They are more of​ a​ journal rather than a​ log. They will normally include things like mental health and how you felt during the​ day or​ your workout. They can reach a​ bit into some statistical information but this is​ normally saved for a​ training log.

Training logs are generally created of​ off some kind of​ a​ template. For example. Everyday you fill out a​ form that has the​ same fields. Things like current weight,​ daily workout,​ diet information,​ are all things that can be put in​ a​ training Log on​ a​ day to​ day basis.

I wouldn’t recommend going all one route or​ all the​ other,​ both journaling and logging are important to​ keep an​ effective history of​ your past. I’ve found out through experience and that for convenience sake it’s nice to​ have two combined together in​ some way. This way it’s always easy to​ remember to​ do both.

Benefits of​ recording your training
The number one benefit of​ recoding your training is​ to​ have a​ detailed history to​ look back on. This can be very useful in​ times of​ planning. For example to​ figure out what has worked for you and what hasn’t. It’s very useful for figuring out reasons for injuries or​ for times of​ burnout.

Have you ever sat down and tried to​ plan out training with nothing to​ work with? if​ you have something to​ look back upon a​ detailed account of​ what you’ve done over the​ past few weeks it’s easy to​ plan ahead,​ and to​ effectively increase your workout intensity,​ etc to​ improve for the​ future.

A detailed journal is​ also really nice to​ have just for personal use,​ and to​ be able to​ look back on​ past months and years,​ to​ remember different accounts.

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