Benedictine University Tops Out As Americas Best Online College

Benedictine University Tops Out As Americas Best Online College

Benedictine University has a​ long standing history of​ quality education. Originally founded in​ 1887 by Benedictine monks, the school has undergone several name changes and grown to​ what it​ is​ today. Initially a​ school to​ teach Czech and Slovak men, it​ grew to​ become coeducation and finally it​ included a​ complete curriculum of​ course work and advanced study. Because of​ the demand for more flexible education options to​ accommodate the needs of​ stay at​ home parents and working adults, Benedictine University adopted an​ adult learning program.

An adult learning program is​ ideal for any adult with restrictions on their time due to​ professional or​ family obligations. it​ enables the student to​ continue their education in​ a​ formal atmosphere, getting all the advantages of​ traditional college courses. However, learning at​ Benedictine University is​ done at​ an​ accelerated pace and at​ more convenient times. This will allow the working adult to​ fit in​ classes after work and on the weekends and allow the stay at​ home parent to​ study during times the children do not need to​ be taken back and forth to​ school.

The classes at​ Benedictine University for adult learning are designed for adults who have not yet completed their bachelor’s degree. Therefore, the class sizes are smaller and comprised of​ peers with similar situations. to​ enroll in​ the program, each student must be at​ least twenty four years old and have at​ least two years work experience. This can be a​ much more comfortable environment for adults who have life and work experience already. Often sitting in​ class with students much younger than you are can be uncomfortable. Also, because of​ life experience, many of​ the topics covered you may already be knowledgeable on. Sitting through tedious work you are already familiar with can be frustrating and lead to​ a​ lack of​ drive. However, learning among your peers will be motivational.

The flexibility of​ adult learning at​ Benedictine University allows the student to​ plan their course schedule according to​ their existing time commitments. Because the reality is​ that sometimes these commitments change, you can design the courses each time to​ coincide with your personal and professional life. You may also take stop outs if​ your schedule becomes especially hectic. The modules, or​ classes, have a​ staggered year round schedule to​ accommodate all needs. You may start a​ module at​ the time that is​ convenient for you. You may also design your work load for as​ many or​ as​ few classes as​ you can handle at​ one time.

Benedictine University has decreased fees for adult learning to​ make obtaining a​ degree more affordable. There is​ also tuition assistance available from the financial aid center. Benedictine University has a​ proven record of​ academic excellence and continues this by developing programs for the needs of​ all their students. By designing an​ adult learning curriculum they are able to​ accommodate the unique scheduling requirements of​ adults with time restrictions due to​ personal or​ professional obligations. No longer does completing a​ bachelor’s degree have to​ be a​ daunting task. Using the flexibility the adult learning program affords, you can get a​ solid education without sacrificing existing responsibilities.

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