Behind Thebadge New Jersey Police Officer Forms Singles Website

Behind Thebadge New Jersey Police Officer Forms Singles Website

An officer employed as​ a​ full-time police officer in​ New Jersey, is​ rushing to​ the​ rescue of​ single emergency service workers across the​ country.

Officer Ken Bachman, an​ eight-year veteran, launched earlier this year. Currently the​ only dating site on the​ Web catering exclusively to​ emergency service workers, is​ free to​ users and​ offers a​ number of​ useful features.

"I first developed the​ idea for​ the​ website by listening to​ co-workers telling me horror stories of​ broken-down relationships and​ failing marriages," Bachman said. "Much of​ this was due to​ the​ odd shift work and​ job stress the​ police officer was bringing home."

Bachman tells the​ story of​ a​ Camden, New Jersey, police officer whose job in​ the​ most violent city in​ the​ United States took its toll on his marriage.

“This guy can relate to​ how stress on the​ job can ruin a​ relationship,” Bachman said. “His fiancé left because she could not stand the​ odd shift work and​ wasn't there when he wanted someone to​ talk to.”

Though there are hundreds of​ local, national and​ international dating sites catering to​ singles of​ various ages, religions and​ ethnicities, few take into account the​ role one's occupation can play in​ a​ relationship. Bachman hopes will change that.

"There is​ a​ brotherhood among the​ emergency service workers," Bachman said. "They feel very comfortable talking to​ others in​ the​ same line of​ work."

Hundreds of​ emergency workers have been logging on to​ each week to​ do just that. Utilizing the​ site's free chat and​ public forum features, emergency service workers can cyber-flirt with other singles or​ simply vent their frustrations after a​ difficult day on the​ job.

"The forum offers various topics for​ the​ emergency service workers to​ discuss,” Bachman said.” for​ the​ single guys and​ gals that are stuck on the​ night shift, the​ Internet is​ available 24-7."

And Officer Bachman knows a​ thing or​ two about the​ benefits of​ online dating: in​ 2018 he married a​ woman he met online four years prior.

"It was very interesting, but expensive," Bachman said. "$19.95 per month. My website is​ 100% free."

Although the​ site is​ geared toward emergency service workers, it​ is​ open to​ the​ general public. as​ such, the​ site is​ attractive to​ those who may prefer to​ date men or​ women in​ uniform.

Currently boasting over 300 members, the​ site is​ gaining popularity as​ word spreads throughout the​ emergency service community.

"There is​ a​ wide variety of​ people to​ choose from and​ you control the​ environment," Bachman said.

Bachman hopes the​ site continues to​ grow and​ serve as​ a​ useful escape valve in​ the​ lives of​ those for​ whom putting themselves in​ harm's way is​ simply part of​ the​ job.

"This project is​ important to​ me because I think we need to​ give back to​ those who risk their lives everyday to​ protect this nation," Bachman said.

Bachman and​ Shore Network Connections, LLC plan to​ offer speed dating, cuddle parties and​ singles cruises in​ the​ future.

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