Beginning SEO For Young Websites

Beginning SEO For Young Websites

As websites age,​ they will naturally gain popularity. For the​ newly born websites,​ they are at​ a​ slight disadvantage. Fortunately,​ the​ SEO playing field is​ very fair amongst all competitors. Here are some things you​ can do to​ spice up the​ traffic and rankings.

Unique Content
Although I cannot promise anyone,​ it​ would make sense that this rule applies in​ the​ far future also. the​ quality of​ content will almost always have a​ decent if​ not huge impact on​ the​ ranking of​ your website. the​ amount of​ content matters,​ but even more so is​ the​ relevancy of​ the​ content on​ your website. For low cost ideas,​ try hiring ghost writers or​ college students. Some websites only have a​ message boards loaded with people using it​ to​ their advantage. These sites are very lucky to​ have other people generating content for them for free. Pages with only keywords and no real usable content will often get your website blacklisted. This doesn’t mean you​ have to​ be a​ master at​ writing to​ develop the​ content for your site. Not unless the​ search engines become so sophisticated later on.

Having internal pages linked within your website is​ a​ good idea. Linking to​ other websites won’t help your ranking nearly as​ much as​ having other websites linking to​ yours. Some people try to​ build a​ community of​ sites,​ and have them linked to​ each other. Others submit their sites to​ online directories such as​ Yahoo! Directory and the​ Open Directory Project. This helps your startup site a​ little bit but not nearly as​ well as​ it​ used to.

Yes! the​ website address matters more than people think. I’m not talking about the​ domain name. the​ chunks of​ characters after the​ domain name often contain characters like “?” and “=” for dynamic pages. These characters are not supported by many major search engines and will create difficulty for spiders and bots to​ crawl through your website.

These are just a​ few tips to​ get most people started in​ marketing their site to​ the​ world. the​ work required is​ a​ never ending project since search engines keep updating with more complex search algorithms. When your site grows and surpasses your traffic and ranking expectations,​ remember,​ SEO takes more hard work than genius.

Beginning SEO For Young Websites

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