Beginners Guide To Buying A Pda

Beginners Guide To Buying a​ Pda
Are you considering the purchase of​ your very first PDA? If so, what should you look for? How much should you spend? What features should you get?
Before making the final decision to​ purchase a​ PDA, have you thoroughly researched what they can do, and if​ you really need one or​ are you just intrigued by having a​ new gadget like your friends? Let’s start with this question .​
One of​ the first and still major uses for a​ PDA is​ an​ appointment book or​ calendar .​
If you are currently using an​ appointment book like a​ Franklin Planner, the PDA can certainly replace this .​
One advantage of​ a​ PDA over an​ appointment book is​ that changes don’t require constant erasing and re-writing .​
a​ PDA is​ usually backed up on your PC, so there is​ always a​ back-up.
A new PDA does not have to​ be purchased every year like a​ Franklin Planner, so in​ the long run it​ will be cheaper .​
This plus the previous mentioned advantages may be enough to​ make the switch .​
Of course there are many other features and uses for a​ PDA besides an​ appointment book, among which are:
• Address book
• Calculator
• Internet Access
• Notes and document management
• Games
Given that you are ready to​ go forward with the purchase, your choice of​ a​ PDA model will depend on what you need it​ for—what you want it​ to​ do .​
Following are some of​ the important considerations:
Memory – If you plan to​ use your PDA for storing large documents and other reference works, then you’ll need the corresponding amount of​ memory .​
Also check to​ see if​ the memory can be expanded .​
You’ll need to​ consider the other software that you might want to​ run on your PDA.
Size – All the features do you no good if​ you don’t bother to​ bring the PDA with you due to​ its bulky size.
Input Options – If you plan on using the PDA to​ take notes with, a​ compact external keyboard is​ essential .​
The built in​ stylus input is​ designed for small amounts of​ data only.
Battery Life – Again, dictated by your specific needs.
Finding the best place to​ purchase your PDA can be done easily with online shopping portals .​
Ebay of​ course always has offers .​
One thing to​ consider for a​ PDA is​ a​ buyers protection plan that is​ offered by many local retailers .​
Normally these end up costing more than they are worth, but just one drop of​ your PDA onto a​ hard surface can destroy it .​
If you are buying a​ high end PDA and will be running around with it​ daily, a​ buyers protection plan may be worthwhile.

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