Beginners Final Fantasy Xi Gil Guide

Beginner's Final Fantasy XI Gil Guide
Having enough FFXI Gil is​ the most essential aspects of​ the game .​
Gil the major currency used when purchasing or​ trading items .​
To be a​ good player you will need allt he Gils you can get .​
No matter how great your game skills are you will need the Gils to​ get your equipments, armors, weapons and other items .​
Having the gears early in​ the game will help you advance to​ higher levels at​ a​ faster pace than others can .​
Here are some good tips to​ start your career in​ Final Fantasy XI.
Warp Quest
This method can get you about 10k gil within an​ hour .​
You need to​ start with 1k to​ purchase a​ slime oil .​
After you've purchased the slime oil, bring it​ to​ an​ NPC named Unlucky Rat in​ the Metal district of​ Bastok in​ exchange for a​ warp scroll .​
The scroll sells for about a​ good 7-10K .​
Seems easy? Well slight problem with this method is​ that you will need to​ have enough fame built up before the NPC will take your slime oil .​
You will be required to​ run around town doing low level missions to​ get your fame up .​
This is​ where it​ gets a​ little time consuming but 10k gil an​ hour for a​ lowbie is​ really good .​
You can also redo this quest by creating a​ mule account and transfering 1k gil to​ that character .​
Just Badge Quest
The Justice Badge quest is​ located in​ Winhurt and will require 1 rabab tail and 4 onions to​ complete .​
you can buy the stack of​ rabab tail in​ the auction house for 50-100gil .​
Easy to​ do at​ low level .​
In the docks of​ Winhurst you will find an​ NPC that you can give the rabab tail to .​
He will give you the Justice Badge which sells for 500-2000 gil in​ the auction house .​
After receiving the bad, give him 4 wild ionions and you'll receive a​ scroll that sells up to​ 5000 gil .​
You can repeat this quest by using a​ mule.
Fire Crystals
A stack of​ first crystals can sell for 2000 gil easily over at​ the auction house .​
There are 2 good methods to​ collect fire crystals .​
The more commonly used method would be the usual beat the mob down and loot method .​
To start you need to​ be around level 7-10 .​
You will need signet cast on you at​ your town gates .​
Head out North to​ Gusterburg where you will be able to​ find many vultures .​
You'll only want to​ kill the vulters and nothing else to​ conserve time .​
To the Northwest of​ San D'oria there is​ an​ area full of​ Orcs .​
The orcs drop a​ nice amount of​ fire crystals as​ well .​
You can probably average about 3 stacks in​ an​ hour .​
6000 gil in​ an​ hour for a​ level 7-10 is​ not too bad.
The other method of​ farming fire crystals is​ by gardening .​
You start by buying a​ brass flower pot in​ the auction house, several vegetable seeds and some water crystals .​
You then plant the flower plot in​ your Mog house and put in​ the vegetable seeds .​
Feed it​ some water crystals, after 1-3 days you will have 17 fire crystals come out of​ it .​
You can have up to​ 6-8 flower pots per house, you can easily make 20-30,000 gils every 2-3 days .​
It only takes a​ few minutes to​ purchase the accessories and to​ plant them .​
It's a​ wealthy short term investment .​
Money growing on trees is​ the way I​ think of​ it.

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