Beginner's Guide To Coin Collecting

Coin Collections: Beginner's Guide to​ Coin Collecting
Coin collecting is​ a​ hobby that is​ extremely popular
among a​ lot of​ people .​
Whatever the age of​ the person
is, collecting coins has its benefits .​
In most cases,
coin collections gravitate on two things .​
children, they tend to​ collect coins that look pretty
or unusual .​
However, for adults, their coin
collections will tend to​ gravitate towards the value
of it​ rather than the looks.
People have different ways to​ acquire their
collection .​
Some will just collect any coin that they
stumble upon, while there are people who buy in​ bulk
and eagerly anticipate limited mint edition of​ coins.
Whatever your methods are, there may be some questions
that you may want to​ ask about this particular hobby.
The first would be about handling the coin collection.
As a​ beginner, you must understand that you should
handle the coins as​ little as​ possible .​
The fact that
fingerprints on an​ uncirculated coin can dramatically
cut the value of​ the coin, you must never handle the
coin at​ all .​
However, if​ you do need to​ handle the
coin, do so from the edge and never on the face of​ the
If you need to​ lay the coin down, it​ is​ important to
use a​ velvet pad if​ it​ is​ available .​
But, if​ none is
available, a​ soft and clean cloth will do .​
If you are
going to​ handle coins that are extremely high in
value, you must do so with surgical gloves and
protective face mask.
Most people will also tend to​ ask how to​ keep their
coin collections clean.
Basically, you don’t really need to​ clean your coin
collection .​
In fact, you shouldn’t even think about
cleaning them at​ all .​
Most collectors look for the
authenticity of​ the coin rather than its shiny
newness .​
Even if​ you wipe the coin clean with clean,
soft, and lint-free rag, it​ will leave hair line
scratches on the coin which will greatly reduce its
value .​
So, cleaning a​ coin collection is​ never really
an option.
Storage is​ also another question that you may have
about coin collecting .​
Basically, the goal in​ storing
your coin collection is​ to​ protect it​ from temperature
extremes and humidity .​
Also, you may want to​ protect
your coin collection from dust, dirt, chemicals, and
even fingerprints .​
So dehumidifying equipments will be
needed as​ well as​ locking the storage as​ airtight as
In most cases, low value coins are kept in​ almost any
container and can be handled any way you like.
However, when you are dealing with high value coins,
you will need to​ give it​ extra attention .​
The goal
here is​ to​ provide a​ container that will preserve the
coin's condition .​
Make the container as​ airtight as
possible, and the container should also be able to
display the coin in​ order for you to​ never need to
take out the coin from the container.
Uncirculated coins are very much valued by collectors.
However, if​ you really want a​ valuable coin
collection, go for rare ones if​ you can afford to​ have
it .​
Learning about grading coins can also help you to
determine the true value of​ a​ particular coin.
So, if​ you want to​ start your very own coin
collections, you may want to​ keep these things in
mind .​
With these tips, you can be sure that you will
be able to​ know how to​ handle your collection and also
help in​ appraising its value .​
Always remember that
this hobby is​ not just fun, but is​ also a​ good

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