Beer Promotion In The Wild World Of The Internet

Beer Promotion in​ the​ Wild World of​ the​ Internet
The Challenge for​ Breweries in​ Today’s Regulated Marketplace is​ immense. for​ the​ past decade the​ advertising of​ alcoholic products has been increasingly subject to​ both government regulation and​ selfregulatory bodies. in​ Canada, the​ CRTC’s August 1996 Code for​ Broadcast Advertising of​ Alcoholic Beverages severely restricted the​ way in​ which ​alcohol​ products are presented on​ both radio and​ television. it​ is​ not an exaggeration to​ say that any advertisement adhering to​ these regulations would be dull indeed, and​ almost obscure any attempt at​ promotion you​ can’t enjoy yourself and​ drink beer at​ the​ same time! Print material such as​ entrepreneurial magazines and​ newspapers are less restricted, though regulated by provincial Liquor Boards. the​ same ethical limitations apply do not link enjoyment with ​alcohol​ consumption; do not direct your ad to​ youth; do not overpromote; do not pass Go! Also, selfregulation within various media abounds.
In the​ United States a​ similar situation exists. the​ Federal Trade Commission and​ Congress are the​ key regulating authorities. in​ addition, individual media and​ media groups establish their own code of​ ethics, often refusing to​ publish or​ broadcast ​alcohol​ advertising.
The challenge? How do breweries and​ microbreweries ‘get the​

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