Bed Quilt An Important Player In Your Sleep

Quilt is​ a​ bed or​ a​ bed cover of​ three layers with the middle one being stuffed and if​ all three are tied at​ regular intervals by thread or​ yarn, such quilts are called as​ tied quilts. The two outer layers differ in​ fabric and pattern as​ one is​ a​ plain backline the other is​ the top.

Quilts, Use Them as​ You Like
Quilts are most comforting beds or​ bed covers particularly suited for cold weathers. People would prefer quilt woolen blanket or​ bed sheets. Generally bedding, decorative, armory are the usual domestic uses. But looking at​ the patterns and further possibilities, you can say there is​ practically no limit on how and where you want to​ use them.

You may wonder to​ know there are quilt artists for whom quilt making is​ a​ full time profession. Quilts are also used as​ educational tools which students use for making images, patterns. Trekkers like to​ carry quilts with them instead of​ heavier beds for convenience.

But quilts have a​ serious side of​ the story too. There is​ an​ American religion which goes by the name Amish whose members follow the Mennonite religion. Amish people don’t believe in​ being flashy and chauvinistic in​ their worldly affairs and they have carried forward this philosophy onto quilts too. Their colors are restricted by Churches and the base color is​ predominantly black which gives other colors a​ contrasting get-up.

Well, How Do They Make Quilts
There is​ no particular technique for making quilts nor are there rigid rules barring safety and hygiene. Still, quilts are normally made in​ two forms; either by using one large sheet of​ cloth for both top and back lining; or​ using smaller cut pieces, blocks, of​ cloth usually of​ different designs and colors by stitching them together. Now, the blocks are stitched together to​ make desired patterns by stitching them edge to​ edge all over. Some times strips of​ cloth are also used in​ between the blocks. This way of​ making quilts is​ known as​ sashing. Quilts are then given borders, usually in​ contrasting colors, which puts paid to​ making of​ quilts.

Some Common Quilt Patterns
The blocks, small pieces of​ cloth and generally geometric in​ shape, may be again made by sewing together of​ further smaller cloth pieces. This style is​ pretty popular and is​ known as​ patchwork or​ piecing. Other popular styles are Appliques, Embroidery and whole cloth where there is​ little or​ no embellishment.

Well, did you know that quilt is​ also the name of​ a​ computer query languages developed by IBM?

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