Becoming An Information Filter And A Knowledge Sponge


As the title states, "Become an​ Information Filter and a​ Knowledge Sponge." On your daily journey to​ achieve your WHY, you will travel through many different avenues and sometimes you will ask yourself, "Why do I need to​ meet this person or​ experience this situation?" The key is​ to​ truly understand that you must become an​ information filter and use your personal God-given filters -- your eyes and your ears. I always say that you were born with 4 inputs (2 eyes, 2 ears) and 1 output (mouth).

When you decide to​ become a​ filter and filter through all the information that is​ taken in​ through your inputs, you will begin to​ find answers to​ the reasons for certain experiences in​ your life. What you learn from each situation that you experience will be the foundation for future decisions. My personal view is​ that "every failure is​ a​ stepping stone to​ success, which in​ turn will become a​ very long and lovely stone walkway into the castle of​ your dreams." Very simply, this quote means out of​ every failure you will filter information that will empower you to​ make wiser decisions based on information you learned from your personal failures!

As you begin to​ realize you must become a​ filter - listen and observe more than you talk, you will be amazed at​ the insight you gain. When you combine becoming a​ knowledge sponge, along with being a​ filter, you will empower yourself to​ achieve your WHY! Becoming a​ knowledge sponge is​ very simple. You must immerse yourself in​ the knowledge of​ the #1 people in​ your field of​ endeavor. When I first became a​ distributor in​ a​ direct sales organization, I simply did some research and found out what the #1 earners in​ direct sales/network marketing were doing. as​ I result, I broke all records and built enormous sales organizations. I was nothing special, but the methods I used were special because they were proven to​ work. Remember, the smartest people are those that realize they are not the brightest or​ the best.

Each day that you embark upon your journey toward your Why, you need to​ be constantly absorbing as​ much information as​ possible. Success leaves clues, and usually it​ is​ a​ long list of​ failures accompanied with one major success. I can tell you that if​ you have failed in​ the past and right now are questioning your actions, just become an​ information filter and knowledge sponge. Start to​ utilize your four inputs and before you know it, you will hit the mark and succeed! I highly suggest listening to​ positive personal development tapes and reading some positive material EACH AND EVERY DAY in​ order to​ saturate your sponge with the proper knowledge!

Find your WHY and Fly!

John Di Lemme

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