Beauty From The Inside For Sensitive Skin

Beauty From The Inside For Sensitive Skin

Beauty From the​ Inside For Sensitive Skin
If you have sensitive skin you may find that many of​ the​ treatments you try are too harsh for your skin. ​
While other women are buying skin care products with vitamin C or​ antioxidants,​ you are using the​ mild brand with no antiaging benefits. ​

So,​ what can you do about it? How can you,​ with your sensitive skin,​ get the​ same antiaging effects that other women are getting?
Rather than applying expensive antiaging products on​ your skin,​ you can eat them. ​
Now,​ of​ course,​ I ​ don’t mean for you to​ eat your expensive night cream or​ any other storebought skin products,​ but you can eat the​ effective ingredients in​ them. ​
Since your skin is​ your largest organ,​ the​ benefits of​ eating the​ ingredients will be similar to​ applying them directly to​ your skin.
Here are some ingredients you can start with.
Green tea There are plenty of​ skin care product now that contain green tea. ​
You’ll hear about green tea everywhere and​ it’s now in​ many brands of​ skin care. ​
However,​ if ​ you have sensitive skin and​ can’t use those products,​ then you can drink green tea and​ have the​ same effects on​ your skin. ​
Plus,​ the​ bonus is​ that you’ll be benefitting every other part of​ your body as​ well. ​
Some of​ the​ other benefits of​ green tea are weight loss,​ lower cholesterol,​ and​ possibly a​ lower risk of​ cancer.
Cucumbers An increase in​ fruits and​ vegetables in​ your diet can have a​ positive effect on​ the​ overall appearance of​ your skin. ​
Increase your vegetable intake and​ your skin will thank you. ​
The side effects of​ this option? Well,​ you may lose some weight and​ feel more energy,​ but thats not such a​ bad thing,​ is​ it?
Vitamin C Take a​ supplement or​ increase your intake of​ oranges and​ other fruits. ​
The antioxidants in​ them are wonderful for your skin.
Remember,​ your skin is​ your largest organ. ​
Take care of​ it​ by feeding it​ well,​ whether you’re putting products on​ it,​ or​ feeding your body with nutritious foods. ​
And,​ for those of​ us with sensitive skin,​ we’ll be saving a​ fortune,​ avoiding those expensive jars of​ cream and​ instead heading straight for the​ grocery store produce aisles.

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