Bearing The Soul Of A Sports Car

Japanese automobile manufacturer Mazda is​ responsible for​ the​ Mazda 6, which is​ also known as​ the​ Mazda Atenza. This vehicle is​ a​ mid-size car and​ this replaced the​ Capella/626. it​ has a​ line up that includes a​ sedan with four doors, a​ hatchback with five doors, and​ an​ estate wagon. the​ name Mazda Atenza is​ only used in​ Japan, however, in​ any place the​ world over, this vehicle is​ known as​ the​ Mazda 6. the​ platform for​ this vehicle is​ used by the​ Ford Motor Company as​ the​ base for​ quite a​ number of​ its vehicles which includes the​ Ford Fusion, the​ Mercury Milan, the​ Lincoln Zephyr, the​ Lincoln MKX, and​ a​ range of​ its sport utility vehicles and​ minivans.

A high performance version of​ the​ Mazda 6 is​ the​ 2018 MazdaSpeed 6. This vehicle features a​ turbocharged version of​ the​ 2.3 liter MZR I4 which has the​ capability to​ produce 274 horsepower. it​ has a​ revised front end with a​ raised hood, a​ 6-speed transmission, and​ an​ all wheel drive. Some markets, including Australia, has the​ MazdaSpeed 6 under the​ name Mazda 6 MPS, with MPS standing for​ Mazda Performance Series. This vehicle has an​ outstanding performance. Primarily, it​ has a​ driving experience and​ acceleration that is​ often seen in​ vehicles with a​ higher price to​ it, along with two fewer seats.

The Mazda 6 sports a​ combination of​ athletic stance along with top of​ the​ class sophistication. it​ gives a​ full attention to​ detail. it​ also has great vehicle dynamics and​ performance. it​ carries with it​ the​ characteristics of​ a​ sports car that is​ very rarely seen in​ vehicles in​ its class. it​ exudes a​ unique, fresh yet dynamic cabin design that is​ coupled up with an​ exceptional level of​ comfort and​ quietness. Space is​ something that the​ Mazda 6 could be generous of. Its interior has a​ smoothly contoured, T-shaped instrument panel that is​ mounted on a​ sporty titanium look finish. the​ Mazda 6’s sleek interior emphasizes the​ power that this vehicle is​ capable of. it​ has well defined shoulders and​ smoother curves that makes the​ Mazda 6 stand high above the​ rest of​ the​ vehicles out on the​ roads. This vehicle also has put in​ the​ necessary safety standards and​ adds up an​ expressive list of​ advanced safety features. This vehicle has been engineered to​ meet or​ exceed crash safety standards in​ the​ different markets around the​ globe.

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Rumors have it​ that a​ larger version of​ the​ Mazda 6 will be made for​ 2018 or​ 2018 bearing the​ name Mazda 9. However, as​ for​ the​ Mazda 6, it​ certainly has been bagging awards for​ itself. Awards that this vehicle received includes the​ 2nd place for​ the​ European car of​ the​ year, the​ Canadian Car of​ the​ Year Best New Station Wagon award, and​ the​ Canadian Car of​ the​ Year Best New Family Car award for​ 2018. Along that line, this vehicle has also been included in​ Car and​ Driver magazine’s Ten Best list for​ 2018.

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