Be Informed When You Purchase A Computer

Be Informed When You Purchase A Computer

When you go online or​ look at​ ads for electronics stores,​ you will probably be able to​ find a​ computer that will be just right for you. There are many types and styles available on​ the​ market. You can find a​ computer that will take up a​ whole room in​ your house,​ while you can also find a​ computer that will fit into the​ palm of​ your hand! at​ a​ business,​ you will probably find a​ mainframe computer. in​ your workplace or​ at​ home you will normally find a​ desktop computer. in​ the​ airport,​ the​ person sitting next to​ you could be working on​ a​ laptop computer or​ handheld computer. So,​ when you find yourself looking for a​ computer for your own personal use,​ you know you will have a​ lot to​ choose from.

When looking for a​ home computer,​ nowadays called a​ personal computer,​ you will find it​ is​ made up of​ several parts. There will be a​ box sitting on​ your desk,​ black,​ gray or​ beige in​ color. This is​ your actual computer,​ containing everything from the​ microprocessor to​ the​ memory,​ the​ storage to​ the​ input/output devices. You can’t work with just the​ “computer” alone,​ though. There are accessories that go along with your computer like the​ monitor,​ keyboard,​ mouse and speakers. Other attachments you might find are printers and digital video cameras.

If you want to​ buy a​ computer,​ it​ is​ good to​ know that there are two separate categories of​ computers: PCs and Macs.

- a​ PC is​ a​ computer modeled after components and standards created by the​ IBM Company. a​ rather high percentage of​ all personal computers,​ shown at​ somewhere over 90%,​ are PCs. Some companies that sell PC computers are IBM,​ Dell,​ Compac,​ and Gateway.

- a​ Mac computer is​ a​ personal computer made by the​ Apple Company. MacIntosh was its most popular style of​ computer several years ago. the​ new IMacs are popular with die-hard Mac fans,​ although not as​ many people today use Mac computers as​ used to.

A personal computer in​ your home can be used for many things,​ including word processing chores,​ personal and business letter writing,​ financial records and planning,​ internet searching,​ photography,​ and many other types of​ functions like graphic design and publishing. For the​ younger crowd,​ a​ personal computer can also be used to​ listen to​ music,​ watch movies or​ play detailed video games.

The basic elements of​ your personal computer that you choose,​ like the​ processor,​ amount of​ RAM,​ floppy or​ CD-Rom disk drives,​ hard disk drive,​ sound card,​ speakers,​ monitor,​ modem and graphics card will be determined by what kind of​ computer user you plan to​ be. Heavy users of​ complex programs will need much more “stuff” on​ their computer than the​ average computer user. Once you’ve determined how much of​ everything you need,​ you will be able to​ calculate an​ average cost for the​ computer you want.

Be Informed When You Purchase A Computer

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