Be Free With Wireless Speakers

Be Free With Wireless Speakers

Wireless speakers give you the​ freedom to​ move your music to​ where you want it​ to​ be without the​ hassles of​ cables. Planning to​ have a​ party outside? Don't move your whole entertainment system outside while you can make use of​ outdoor wireless speakers which can move right along with the​ party.
Want to​ have hi-fi quality sound through your laptop computer? Why should you be tied to​ wires while using a​ portable computer? Make use of​ wireless speakers to​ give you the​ freedom to​ work or​ play on your computer where you want to, while having the​ high fidelity sound you deserve. Here are a​ few examples of​ how you can use wireless speakers to​ improve your way of​ living.

• Listen to​ your favorite music collection while taking a​ bath.
• Have a​ BBQ or​ party outside without having to​ move your whole stereo system.
• You can store all your favorite music on your computer and​ listen to​ it​ anywhere in​ your home.
• Listen to​ music while working in​ the​ garden.
• When your computer is​ doing certain time consuming tasks, have it​ play a​ sound when it​ is​ done with the​ task or​ when there is​ an​ error and​ have your wireless speaker notify you while you are lying next to​ the​ pool.
• Get the​ perfect surround sound effect by having the​ freedom to​ move the​ speakers to​ exactly the​ right spots without getting tangled in​ wires.
• Let your computer notify you of​ upcoming tasks or​ appointments by playing a​ sound through your outdoor wireless speakers, while you are washing your car.
• Let your wireless speaker notify you discretely of​ intruders by connecting it​ to​ your alarm system.
• Use you wireless speakers as​ a​ portable intercom system.

There are however a​ few things you need to​ watch out for​ when shopping for​ wireless speakers. Some are listed here:

Some wireless speakers may interfere with other wireless devices in​ your house like cordless phones. a​ good wireless speaker system will allow you to​ tune it​ to​ a​ different frequency to​ overcome these interferences.

Battery life
Battery life is​ not always too great on wireless speakers, as​ it​ consumes power to​ drive the​ speakers, internal amplifier and​ RF receiver. So, if​ you want to​ use your wireless speakers for​ extended periods of​ time, it​ may be wise to​ make use of​ the​ AC power adaptor. Now this may not always be practical - the​ whole idea of​ wireless speakers is​ to​ get rid of​ the​ wires. Rechargeable batteries might be the​ answer and​ some of​ the​ models even come with rechargeable batteries -something to​ consider when you need total freedom, even from power outlets.

Most wireless speakers can work fine within a​ range of​ 150 to​ 300 feet from the​ transmitter. (Which would be located at​ the​ source of​ sound i.e. your hi-fi or​ computer) the​ RF frequency is​ high enough for​ it​ to​ work through walls and​ furniture. You do not need a​ line of​ sight, but bear in​ mind that obstacles weakens the​ signal, and​ the​ more obstacles between the​ transmitter and​ receiver, the​ shorter the​ range will become.

Outdoor wireless speakers are claimed to​ be weatherproof, but if​ you do not need to​ use your speakers outside all the​ time, rather store them inside. This will definitely extend the​ life of​ your valuable outdoor wireless speakers. if​ you really need to​ leave it​ outside all the​ time, try to​ find a​ spot where it​ can be hidden from the​ most harsh weather conditions.

Not all wireless speaker systems include two speakers to​ give you a​ stereo experience. Especially the​ outdoor wireless speakers are sold as​ single units. This can easily be overcome by purchasing two speakers, obviously doubling the​ price.

Wireless speakers use RF signals which may interfere with other RF devices. Make sure that the​ frequency range is​ legal in​ your country. if​ it​ is​ sold by a​ reputable dealer in​ your country, this should not be a​ problem. Wireless speakers technology is​ still a​ fairly new technology and​ some still have issues to​ be sorted out. So you have to​ do your shopping wisely.

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