Bathroom Design Strategies That Increase The Value Of Your Home

Bathroom Design Strategies That Increase The Value Of Your Home

Bathroom Design Strategies That Increase the​ Value of​ Your Home
When it​ comes to​ adding value to​ your property, the​ experts in​ real estate will agree that to​ capitalise in​ the​ bathroom and​ kitchen almost certainly guarantees profitable returns .​
If you're considering making your home appealing to​ potential buyers, then one of​ the​ first places to​ start is​ in​ the​ bathroom .​
With countless accessories and​ appliances on the​ market, making a​ decision that will ultimately allow you to​ reap the​ rewards is​ daunting .​
When it​ comes to​ bathroom design, what is​ it​ that most people really want? Would choosing a​ spacious whirlpool bath above a​ traditional bath be financially beneficial in​ the​ long haul?
Wouldn't designing your bathroom be a​ much easier task if​ you were armed with a​ guideline of​ what tickled the​ fancy of​ potential homebuyers? if​ you're going to​ design your bathroom get it​ right the​ first time round to​ avoid flushing away hard-earned pounds .​
Hello simplicity
From as​ far back as​ the​ 1960s much focus was placed on bold colour in​ the​ bathroom .​
Patterned wall tiles of​ nautical creatures and​ over-the-top colours were the​ trend, along with plastic .​
Plastic bathroom décor was the​ craze, from bold orange, olive green, mustard yellow and​ chocolate brown coloured toothbrush, soap and​ towel holders, to​ thick patterned plastic shower curtains that screamed colours of​ the​ boldest nature .​
As the​ times moved on, the​ 1970s and​ early 1980s became a​ period when gold bathroom fixings and​ furnishing, such as​ taps, towel rails and​ toilet roll holders, were considered very stylish .​
These ostentatious gold trimmed features were all the​ rage, and​ bathroom décor was 'loud' .​
Added to​ this were those once delightful bathroom suites in​ colours avocado, coral pink, and​ chocolate brown .​
Bathroom colour has changed dramatically over the​ past decade, and​ shades have become more neutral, sometimes with a​ hint of​ colour that adds a​ complementary vigour to​ the​ overall scheme .​

Of the​ many hundreds of​ people who took part in​ Plumbworld's recent bathroom survey, an​ overwhelming 82 per cent said they hated the​ once glorified avocado and​ coral pink bathroom suites, colours remnant of​ 1970s and​ 1980s, which are typically characterised as​ being dark and​ dull.
According to​ the​ survey, chrome bathroom taps were much preferred to​ gold .​
So, when designing and​ decorating your bathroom keep those dark colours at​ bay, consider white suites, and​ opt for​ chrome fixings and​ furnishings instead of​ flashy gold.
Shower power
When planning the​ design of​ your bathroom, one of​ the​ most important aspects to​ consider is​ placing a​ shower .​
Some bathrooms don't have adequate space to​ include a​ shower cubicle, so assess your options .​
Consider installing a​ shower over the​ bath if​ space is​ limited .​
The survey showed that 94 per cent of​ its participants believed that a​ shower in​ a​ bathroom was very important, and​ 81 per cent said they preferred a​ separate shower enclosure in​ a​ large bathroom .​
Almost 65 per cent said their ideal would be a​ power shower, while 27 per cent preferred mixer showers, and​ only 12 per cent opted for​ electric showers .​
If you have chosen a​ shower over the​ bath, then think about placing a​ fixed glass screen instead of​ a​ shower curtain .​
It may cost a​ few extra pounds, but more than half of​ the​ survey's contributors preferred a​ fixed glass screen to​ a​ shower curtain .​
Choosing your bath tub
Contrary to​ common belief, adding a​ whirlpool bath to​ increase property value doesn't always do the​ trick .​
So if​ you're contemplating selling your property, try to​ avoid purchasing a​ whirlpool bath in​ the​ hopes of​ gaining additional profit .​
The survey revealed that close to​ 53 per cent of​ its participants were not phased by them, while only a​ small 38 per cent of​ participants loved them .​
Surprisingly, 62 per cent said they had no strong view towards corner baths either, which means the​ traditional rectangular baths still hold clout against their spruced up counter parts .​
Bathroom flooring
Try to​ avoid the​ urge to​ place carpets on the​ bathroom floor, according to​ the​ survey it​ is​ not too favoured .​
The survey showed that the​ preferred floor covering was tiles, with 75 per cent saying they loved a​ tiled bathroom floor .​
Popular vinyl flooring has not yet lost its place in​ the​ bathroom, with more than 61 per cent saying they didn't have any strong likes or​ dislikes towards it .​
When choosing your bathroom flooring, tiles is​ the​ favoured option, but if​ the​ budget is​ tight, then vinyl flooring won't let you down .​
Apart from the​ flooring, make sure your windows look appealing .​
When it​ comes to​ dressing your bathroom windows, steer clear of​ those bathroom nets and​ fabric curtains .​
The survey showed that 94 per cent said they favoured blinds in​ the​ bathroom to​ curtains .​
Keep it​ clean
If you are planning to​ put your home on the​ market, inspect your bathroom for​ those small generally unnoticed flaws, like mould on the​ silicone sealant around the​ bath, and​ even on your shower curtain if​ you have one .​
Potential homebuyers may notice these small faults, which could send then running!

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