Basketball Training Aids To Improve Your Game

If constant practice and sheer dedication aren't enough to​ improve your game,​ then you might as​ well consider acquiring some effective basketball training aids.


Oversized basketball - is​ usually 3 inches larger in​ diameter than your regular basketball. This is​ designed to​ improve your accuracy in​ shooting.

Board-less hoop - is​ designed to​ improve your shooting accuracy by making shoots without depending on​ the​ board.

Rebounding device - helps you to​ practice your shooting without rebounding the​ ball after every shot.

Shooting straps - is​ attached to​ your shooting hand to​ assist you in​ maintaining the​ right form while taking a​ shot,​ make the​ right follow through,​ and improve your one-handed release.


Dribbling aid - is​ designed to​ help you use your fingertips in​ dribbling (and not your palm). it​ also helps improving your passing and shooting skills.

Basketball goggles - are designed to​ keep your head up while dribbling your ball. the​ goggles block your lower vision so that you practice on​ not looking at​ the​ ball.


Speed parachute - uses the​ principle of​ a​ parachute that provides resistance during sprint. This is​ used when you are running which helps you improve your speed as​ you are being held back by the​ parachute. Speed parachutes are also used by sprinters and football players.

Agility ladders - helps you develop eye-foot coordination,​ foot quickness,​ and versatility. You can use your regular ladder to​ achieve the​ same result.

Vertical jump

Jump boxes - help you improve your jumping ability and overall strength. These boxes vary in​ height which you can use to​ strengthen your leg muscles.

Weight belt - increases your strength,​ at​ the​ same time,​ improves your vertical jump - helpful during rebounding and taking perimeter shots. Also available are weights worn on​ the​ ankles.

Jump soles - are training aids that are attached to​ your own shoes during practice and training which helps you improve your leg strength and jumping ability.


Jump ropes - are the​ most basic and probably the​ cheapest basketball training aids you can have. And they are effective too. Jump ropes improve your heart. Jump ropes also improve your calf and leg muscles. For better workout results,​ try weighted jump ropes.

Take note that these are only aids to​ improve your game. They aren't designed to​ automatically make you a​ better player. Use them correctly combined with your dedication,​ hard work,​ and love for the​ game to​ get the​ best results.

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