Basic Web Design Tips

Basic Web Design Tips

Basic Web Design Tips
Don't bother with splash pages.
A splash page is​ normally a​ pointless page people put on their websites as​ an​ introduction .​
The page normally contains some sort of​ image on with a​ big click here to​ enter sign, or​ sometimes people don't say anything and​ just hope you will click on the​ picture to​ enter their site .​
Splash pages are fairly pointless and​ it​ is​ just creating more work for​ your visitor as​ they have to​ click the​ mouse button an​ extra time just to​ see the​ content of​ your site .​
By removing the​ splash page the​ visitor can get to​ see the​ best parts of​ your site straight away, without having to​ wait for​ a​ pointless page to​ load .​
Keep your navigation simple.
To put it​ simply if​ your navigation is​ too complicated and​ people don't understand how to​ get around your site this is​ a​ huge web design fault .​
If a​ visitor doesn't know how to​ navigate around your site they will get frustrated and​ end up leaving .​
Keep your navigation simple and​ try to​ avoid using scripts or​ complicated flash based menus, not all browsers support scripts, so some of​ your visitors might be missing out on important.
Keep your paragraphs reasonable readable lengths.
Although having lots of​ relative and​ informative content on your website is​ good, it​ is​ a​ bad idea to​ have the​ blocks of​ text to​ big .​
Not everyone likes reading and​ to​ much can deter a​ visitor .​
If you keep your paragraphs in​ reasonable lengths it​ is​ much easier for​ a​ visitor to​ read and​ absorb.
Use CSS for​ style.
Make sure your text is​ readable by using a​ standard font which is​ compatible with other systems .​
While some fonts may look good on your computer other people might not have that font installed .​
It is​ good web design practice to​ use CSS when building you site .​
CSS or​ Cascading Style Sheets are a​ perfect way to​ set and​ adjust your websites font and​ size settings .​
The great thing about using CSS is​ that you can change the​ look of​ your whole site simply by editing the​ one file.
Test how your site looks in​ other web browsers
When you are building your site and​ still in​ the​ web design stage it​ is​ important to​ check how it​ looks on other browsers, just because it​ looks fine in​ internet explorer doesn't mean it​ looks good on Firefox or​ Opera .​
a​ lot of​ people use alternative browsers and​ if​ the​ website looks like a​ complete mess then you will loose that visitor for​ ever .​
You can check your sites web design to​ make sure it​ complies with the​ web standards at​ the​ website .​
Validating your page will help to​ ensure it​ works properly on other browsers.

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