Basic Web Copywriting Checklist

Basic Web Copywriting Checklist

Copywriting is​ one of​ the​ most important parts of​ internet marketing. Once you get visitors to​ your site, you must depend largely on your sales copy to​ convert the​ visitors into customers.

Sadly, many webmasters neglect the​ art of​ web copywriting. Copywriting truly is​ an​ art, but have a​ checklist of​ important points is​ also helpful. Here are some of​ the​ major components of​ good web copywriting.

1 – Your Headline
Does your headline grab the​ readers' attention and​ compel them to​ read further? it​ is​ essential that your headline do that. Web surfers generally move about on the​ internet very quickly. Research says that you have a​ matter of​ seconds to​ catch your website readers' attention, or​ they will move on. That is​ why your headline is​ so important.

2 – Your Introductory Copy
Do the​ first few paragraphs of​ your sales copy reinforce the​ headline, and​ convince readers to​ continue reading?

3 – Benefits
Does your sales copy sell the​ features or​ the​ benefits of​ your product or​ service? for​ example, does your site try to​ convince your readers that your vitamin C product is​ the​ best, or​ does your site try to​ convince your readers that your vitamin C product will give them the​ most health benefits?

4 – Call to​ Action
Does your sales copy clearly and​ compellingly tell your customer what action they should take after reading your website? (usually the​ desired action will be to​ buy your product)

5 – Assurances
Your prospects will only buy if​ they feel comfortable doing so. There are several things you can do to​ make them feel more comfortable buying from you, such as:

A: Displaying your picture
B: Displaying your contact data
C: a​ membership with the​ Better Business Bureau, etc
D: a​ Guarantee
E: a​ secure server logo

These 5 points are only a​ few of​ the​ most important parts of​ web copywriting. if​ you want to​ convert as​ many of​ your visitors as​ possible, study the​ art of​ copywriting and​ learn how to​ become a​ master copywriter!

Basic Web Copywriting Checklist

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