Basic SEO Wisdom

Basic SEO Wisdom

This is​ a​ story about a​ poor guy with an​ inept domain that wanted to​ build a​ site geared for a​ very competitive keyword and his long,​ agonizing journey toward the​ true light of​ SEO wisdom.

Here's a​ little foundation for what I'm about to​ cover here. a​ while back I bought a​ stupid domain name. it​ was one of​ those fairly useless domain names that might have been good for maybe selling cellphones or​ something. the​ thing is,​ though,​ I'm a​ poor guy. I don't have time to​ taylor a​ site for cellphones with the​ pitiful amount of​ money I have. This was my thinking not long ago at​ least.

After sitting on​ this domain name forever I decided to​ put a​ site up there and give myself to​ the​ study of​ SEO or​ search engine optimization. it​ seemed like an​ interesting subject and I knew to​ those that managed to​ learn SEO,​ marketing,​ and some web design would fall infinite riches. it​ really sounded good to​ me.

So I went for the​ throat so to​ speak. More precisely I picked out some search terms that I will probably never be able to​ get traffic for in​ my lifetime. Smart I know. This had the​ grand side effect of​ having the​ site sandboxed by Yahoo and Google until pigs flew.

Recently they flew,​ however,​ and I've come out of​ the​ sandbox altogether and hit face to​ face with a​ few SEO surprises. I did manage to​ get a​ tiny trickle of​ traffic but not from the​ terms I tried to​ get it​ from. After trying to​ optimize those pages for the​ key terms I received traffic from I got more traffic. This of​ course started me down a​ long road of​ speculation and hair pulling.

After many a​ night of​ such I've come up with a​ few things that I believe will give anyone the​ power to​ eventually pull traffic off the​ net and covert it​ into a​ good decent living. I'll probably write an​ ebook and make millions one of​ these days.

Optimize by the​ page
Don't fall into the​ trap of​ focusing totally on​ building this far flung and far reaching site that will rule the​ world or​ make you​ millions instantly. Unless you​ have lots of​ money you're going to​ need to​ work for your traffic. Plan your site out carefully and make sure each page is​ a​ precision crafted piece of​ art.

I love serverside scripting and dynamic websites but I've come to​ realize there is​ a​ danger that people will overuse it. I know I have. if​ your site is​ dynamically generted,​ make sure every page isn't a​ total cookie cutter image of​ every other page. It's good to​ have the​ same navigation and same general layout but each page also needs to​ be special. Each page should have careful,​ proven SEO techniques applied to​ maybe a​ single key phrase.

Don't try to​ optimize one page for a​ handful of​ phrases. Just focus on​ one phrase. Do your keyword research and,​ whatever you​ do,​ don't haul off and pick a​ key phrase with 2 billion wealthy competitors in​ Google. Pick something that can be attained and can get you​ some traffic relatively fast. Select a​ phrase that is​ as​ specific as​ possible to​ your particlar niche and still gets a​ couple thousand or​ so searches per month from Yahoo.

Whatever you​ do,​ make sure that one web page has good,​ solid,​ desirable content that is​ keyword rich and one of​ a​ kind. This will help make it​ special. at​ the​ same time your content obviously needs to​ lead the​ customer toward your intented goal for monetizing your traffic.

Keep it​ simple
I've found to​ my dismay that building a​ complex web site with all the​ content management stuff and all the​ database thrills isn't exactly what really gets the​ attention of​ search engines. Weirdly enough this can be true for internet surfers too. a​ nice,​ clean layout with very accessible content and intuitive navigation will be recognized by both search engines and surfers alike. if​ you​ can figure that part out you've just pinned down about 90% of​ SEO in​ my opinion.

Engineer your site for your traffic
When you​ start getting search engine traffic to​ your site take a​ very close look at​ what they are searching for. I assume you​ have some kind of​ statistics program and can mostly see what search terms people are using to​ get to​ your site. When someone comes in​ on​ a​ keyword or​ phrase you​ haven't optimized for do a​ little research. Does the​ page they are coming to​ need touched up to​ include the​ search term or​ would this search term merit its own search engine optimized page to​ handle the​ traffic.

With every page you​ add you​ are gaining another potentially valuable piece of​ internet real estate. if​ you're doing your job right then eventaully each page should get its own traffic and you​ should begin to​ attain your goals. Patience and learning are the​ name of​ the​ SEO game.

Basic SEO Wisdom

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