Basic Private Label Membership Techniques And Strategies

Basic Private Label Membership Techniques And Strategies

A private label membership is​ like having an​ arsenal of​ tools and​ strategy in​ a​ super all-in-one package. to​ help you use your tools to​ make the​ most of​ your investment, here are some basic guidelines to​ help you make the​ most of​ your private label membership.

Ground Work

Begin by taking a​ time out and​ reviewing the​ instructions and​ any helpful tips and​ guidelines provided in​ the​ private label membership site you have joined or​ are considering. Then review what rights you have which should be something along these lines (check with the​ individual programs to​ make sure):

With private label rights, you have the​ right to​ and​ need to​ make the​ content unique to​ you by revising or​ in​ other ways alter the​ original content. You can claim authorship after you have altered the​ original works.

Again, do check with your program to​ see specific requirements. Some ask you to​ revise a​ certain percentage. and​ others may have additional rules like not selling the​ packages for​ under a​ certain price or​ on eBay. When in​ doubt, ask questions so you know what rights you have.
Leg Work

Next break your private label projects up into small action steps, noting them on paper or​ a​ document on your computer, then take charge, tackling each step and​ accomplishing it.
Popular techniques and​ strategic steps could include:

1. Work on one project at​ a​ time. if​ your membership site gives you more than one ebook package, for​ example, only work on one at​ a​ time until it’s completely finished and​ loaded, ready for​ sale, and​ your marketing materials are in​ place.

2. Break the​ processing of​ your package down into manageable steps and​ write them out so that you repeat the​ process with each product package as​ it​ comes along for​ the​ most efficient handling of​ everything in​ your membership. Steps can include:

A. Revise and​ your product and​ marketing content: edit for​ spelling & grammar errors as​ needed, insert graphics / digital photos, insert other articles or​ paragraphs, etc. into the​ content, revise some sentences and​ paragraphs, after revising the​ sales copy, insert audio / video links, images, etc. maybe changing chapter order or​ orders of​ sections and​ headings, etc.

B. Brand everything. Add your contact information and​ especially URL to​ the​ product header / footer of​ each page, the​ sales copy, articles, autoresponder series, etc.

C. Insert money-making avenues into your product, website and​ marketing materials as​ needed: pay-per-click Google ™Adsense ads, affiliate links, banners, product images for​ back-end sales, sponsor and​ classified ads, etc.

D. Load everything in​ place: autoresponder messages and​ lead capture form code into sales page or​ as​ its own web page, main product website, product and​ bonus download files, audio / video files, etc.

E. Market - -daily! Set up a​ daily Task in​ your Outlook or​ other calendar and​ spend a​ little time each day for​ promotions: submitting articles with your byline & URL, post on forums and​ send out emails with your URL in​ your signature (sig) file.

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