Basic Guide To Swimming Pool Filters

Basic Guide To Swimming Pool Filters

One item that every swimming pool must have is​ a​ pool filter. a​ swimming pool filter is​ the main process that keeps your swimming pool clean of​ the various debris that are brought in​ by wind, rain, cleaning supplies, toys, and swimmers. a​ pool filter works to​ keep the water clear and promotes safety and health while in​ the water. The pool filter has three main components that allow it​ to​ keep your water clear and safe for swimmers. First, there is​ a​ motor and pump that work to​ bring the water in​ and push it​ out during filtration. Then the filter itself falls into three categories DE (Diatomaceous Earth), cartridge and sand.

A DE (Diatomaceous Earth) filter is​ probably the best for filtering even the minutest particles that could be in​ the water. Diatomaceous Earth is​ a​ natural substance that is​ found in​ the soil. it​ has the consistency of​ a​ fine, white powder. a​ filter made of​ Diatomaceous Earth comes in​ two different types of​ filters, a​ spin filter and a​ vertical grid filter. These two terms simply signify how the filter is​ set up. The spin filter does not work as​ well as​ the vertical and is​ virtually obsolete today.

A sand filter makes use of​ sand to​ filter the water of​ particles and allows filtered water to​ run through easily. The cartridge filter works in​ the same manner as​ a​ Diatomaceous Earth filter but without the use of​ any substance other than fabric mesh to​ filter the water.

Here are a​ few things you should consider before purchasing a​ swimming pool filter:

First, find the volume of​ the entire swimming pool. to​ find the volume you must consider the shape of​ your pool:

If your pool is​ rectangular – Multiply the following – Length, width, average depth
If your pool is​ circular – Multiply the following– Radius, 3.14, average depth

Next, figure the capacity of​ your pool. This will allow you to​ calculate how much water your swimming pool holds. This is​ an​ important factor in​ purchasing a​ pool filter. to​ find the capacity, multiply the volume (you found in​ step one) by 7.48.

You will then have to​ determine the type of​ filter you want. Consider if​ your pool would benefit from a​ cartridge, DE, or​ sand filter. You should also consider if​ you want the filter to​ be vacuum or​ pressure. it​ is​ suggested that you should make the filter slightly larger than your initial calculation to​ allow for better filtration.

There are a​ lot of​ different aspects that must be taken into consideration when purchasing a​ swimming pool filter. For the entire filtration system you can expect to​ pay anywhere from $20.00(USD) to​ $300.00 (USD). Replacement filters are slightly cheaper in​ some aspects, depending on the type of​ filter your system uses, you can expect to​ pay anywhere from $4.00 (USD) to​ $200.00 (USD).

It is​ important that you follow all recommended procedures outlined by the swimming pool manufacturer. This will help you in​ maintaining clear and healthy pool water that can be enjoyed by all swimmers.

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