Basic Guide To Composting

Basic Guide to​ Composting
If you care about the environment, you will be in​ favor of​ the composting process .​
This concept is​ all about giving back to​ the land what it​ has given you .​
It is​ all about recycling .​
It is​ all about a​ cycle that things go through in​ order to​ grow.
It is​ an​ interesting cycle .​
If you just take a​ moment to​ take a​ deeper look into a​ pile of​ decaying things, you will see that some things that are slowly becoming part of​ the land .​
And you also see some offspring that are growing from the process.
That's life .​
And that's how your life is​ also going to​ be .​
If you are in​ touch with nature, you will see such cycles as​ miracles, and something to​ be joyful about .​
Compost is​ also more than just a​ using fertilizer on soil .​
This actually means that the cycle of​ life goes on .​
You can gather decaying leaves of​ plants and other manures and things that can be found in​ your garden for this purpose .​
You will then use all the materials to​ form your very own compost.
This process is​ actually practiced by many farmers in​ all parts of​ the world .​
But ordinary gardeners or​ people who love nature and things that revolve in​ it​ can also benefit from this.
The organic residue that you collect when you gather different materials from the land that is​ converted into something black, somewhat fragrant, and crumbly (decomposing) is​ what will be the compost .​
The idea here is​ to​ arrange the materials so that the soil bacteria and fungi can survive and also multiply as​ they all break down .​
The bacteria act as​ the converters of​ all raw materials so that they must be in​ a​ workable environment with proper moisture, food and air.
If you haven't made yours, but is​ interested in​ starting a​ compost, you can begin by gathering the green and dry elements that you can see around your garden .​
You must think what you can feed the bacteria for it​ to​ thrive .​
For such, you can tap on the grass clippings, the green weeds, as​ well as​ the vines of​ pea and leaves of​ lettuce .​
What do they have in​ common? They contain sugar elements as​ well as​ proteins and they all can decompose fast.
Dry leaves and other small twigs must be mixed with the greens when decomposing .​
These materials take a​ lot of​ time in​ order to​ decompose because they contain little nitrogen .​
That is​ why they must not be left alone in​ the process .​
You can also build a​ compost pile by mixing a​ fertilizer, then adding manure and garden soil between every layer of​ your gathered waste material .​
You need not be a​ pro to​ be able to​ come up with your own version of​ this tool .​
All you've got to​ have is​ a​ big heart for nature and you are set to​ go.
What you have to​ remember is​ that you are doing the environment a​ great favor by being involved in​ such a​ process .​
Not everyone loves to​ garden, having said that, it​ is​ also true that not everyone will love the idea of​ making compost.
Practice will make everything perfect .​
This is​ also true with the idea of​ composting .​
Through time, you will be able to​ develop your own techniques .​
And hopefully, you will be able to​ share with others what a​ gem you have found in​ this kind of​ process.

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