Baseball Bat Logos

Baseball Bat Logos

Baseball bats are a​ childhood staple that most of​ us take for granted. Have you ever thought about what it​ takes to​ make a​ baseball bat? Have you ever considered the pressures a​ baseball bat has to​ face? It's a​ humble but powerful piece of​ equipment that most kids, and many adults, just couldn't do without.

It takes an​ astounding 42,000 pounds of​ pressure to​ emblazon an​ engraving onto the side of​ a​ baseball bat. as​ ball players, we take don't give it​ a​ second thought as​ we grab our trusty sluggers and head to​ the plate. Who ever would have thought that the grand slam you're about to​ deliver has already undergone that kind of​ pressure?

The evolution of​ baseball bats is​ actually quite fascinating.

The old fashioned way of​ getting a​ logo onto a​ bat entailed "brand stamping" or​ "foil stamping". This method can induce an​ undue amount of​ pressure on the wood fibers that make up the ultimate composition of​ the carved baseball bat. The potential danger that lies in​ putting that much pressure on the wood is​ that it​ may result in​ internal fissures and damage. it​ would be impossible to​ see this internal damage, so you could be using a​ faulty bat without even knowing it.

These days, the stamping process of​ customizing a​ baseball bat has become almost passé. Most modern baseball bat manufacturers have taken a​ technological leap into the future by using laser methods to​ engrave their logos and signatures into bats.

Today's baseball bats are experienced in​ full force as​ a​ hitting device, with no prior events to​ test its density, or​ affect the solidity of​ its mass. When shopping for a​ new baseball bat, look for one with a​ laser emblazoned logo. it​ may be the jump on having a​ more durable and reliable slugger.

There is​ nothing worse than strutting to​ home plate, getting all points in​ line, swinging with grand slam force and having the ball meet bat in​ a​ cracking, splintering mess. Don't risk the heartbreak of​ a​ broken bat. Choose your weapon wisely and be a​ homerun hero.

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