Barbados Restaurants

When people plan their Barbados vacation they usually think Sea and​ Sun…. Think again. Restaurant and​ Food standards in​ Barbados are extremely high, with chefs from the​ island winning international culinary awards and​ competitions year after year. Good food is​ very important to​ the​ average Barbadian with Many young teens already skilled in​ preparing food at​ home and​ I mean preparing food from scratch not instant meals.
There are many highly trained chefs on the​ island both expat and​ local and​ the​ range of​ cuisine is​ astounding and​ includes Mexican, Chinese, Thai, French, Italian, Indian, Local as​ well as​ Caribbean cuisine.
Whatever your mood for​ the​ evening or​ depth of​ your pocket there is​ a​ restaurant that will suit your needs as​ they vary from casual atmosphere and​ very reasonable prices to​ Posh and​ oooh la la prices.
There are also the​ dinner cruises or​ as​ I like to​ call them “floating restaurants” which can be quite large boats complete with floor shows or​ intimate catamaran cruises both of​ which can be very romantic.
Also popular on the​ island is​ “Oistins”. This is​ a​ fishing village which has numerous kiosks which prepare local food for​ sale at​ night. the​ price usually ranges from approximately U.S. $8 – U.S. $13 per person and​ the​ taste is​ just as​ good as​ any of​ the​ restaurants on the​ island. On Friday nights there is​ a​ party as​ well with music and​ dancing that usually lasts until Midnight.
There are quite a​ few establishments on the​ island who serve dinner from around 6:30 p.m. and​ then at​ about 10:30 you realize that the​ entire atmosphere has changed to​ a​ nightclub atmosphere and​ will continue in​ party mode till at​ least 2:00 a.m. Some close their doors as​ late as​ 4 or​ 5 in​ the​ morning.
For nights that you just want to​ stay at​ home there is​ also the​ option of​ ordering in. While the​ selection available is​ not as​ large as​ it​ would be in​ bigger countries there are a​ few restaurants and​ fast food restaurants that do deliver.
Checking out the​ restaurants is​ very important when planning a​ holiday. Remember little lady is​ on holiday too she does not want to​ be stuck with the​ cooking and​ washing up afterwards. Also relationships are built on memories and​ what could be more romantic than intimate dinners together not always possible with our hectic lives.
When deciding on where you will eat there are a​ lot of​ consideration to​ keep in​ mind such as​ the​ type of​ food served, the​ price, location as​ well as​ ambiance. With this in​ mind it​ is​ no easy task in​ choosing what is​ right for​ you. This is​ where a​ good travel guide can really come in​ handy as​ they usually have pretty in​ depth information on there restaurants which can include photographs and​ menus as​ well to​ help you make your choice.
Choosing a​ local travel guide, that is​ one that is​ actually run by locals can be your wisest choice as​ they usually can give you first hand information on the​ restaurants as​ well.

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