Bamboo Flooring Information

Bamboo Flooring Information

For a​ unique look in​ flooring, with many additional benefits, the popularity of​ bamboo flooring in​ on the rise.

Most bamboo flooring is​ imported to​ North America from China where there is​ an​ abundance of​ this fast growing plant. Bamboo is​ actually a​ grass, even though most peoplke think of​ it​ as​ a​ tree.

Due to​ the fact that bamboo can reach maturity in​ as​ little as​ four years, it​ has become an​ excellent product to​ use for flooring.

It has many of​ the features of​ hardwood floors, with its durablilty and warmth, yet is​ more cost effective.

Bamboo floors are excellent for high traffic areas because it​ is​ considered harder than some of​ the other popular hardwood floors.

This is​ partially due to​ the process by which bamboo floors are produced, where the wood is​ dried first, and then cut into strips. These strips are then shaped before being laminated together and stained to​ form an​ extremely hard, colorfast surface.

As with any home product there are various different standards of​ product quality and more often than not, the cheaper discount products will give you a​ less than desired performance rating. if​ the bamboo hasn't been processed correctly, you can have problems with color fading and in​ some cases a​ surface that is​ below par for wear and tear.

It is​ always essential that you deal with a​ reputable bamboo flooring dealer when building or​ renovating your house to​ ensure that you are getting a​ quality product that will service your needs for many years.

One other major benefit from the increased use of​ bamboo for flooring is​ the fact that it​ is​ saving the rainforests that take so many more years to​ replenish than bamboo does.

Not only will you have a​ beautiful floor but you will also be helping the environment.

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