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Community colleges are not just valuable educational institutions but an​ integral part of​ a​ community, adding to​ the cultural life of​ a​ town .​
There are two Baltimore community colleges, offering a​ wide range of​ studies, and both are very respected in​ the academic and vocational fields.
Baltimore City Community College began life as​ a​ Junior College in​ 1947 and was part of​ the public school system to​ educate returning servicemen from World War II .​
The college re-located in​ 1967 and changed its name to​ The Community College of​ Baltimore and became an​ independent institution .​
The campus was expanded in​ the 1970s and was renamed again in​ 1992, when it​ became the Baltimore City Community College and received its funds from the state of​ Maryland .​
The three campuses for this sector of​ Baltimore community colleges are in​ the Mondawmin area of​ the city, the Reistertown Road Plaza and the Inner Harbor site .​
The college has 31 degree courses and 28 certificate programs .​
Courses include healthcare, dental hygiene, nursing and physical therapy .​
There are also courses in​ telecommunication, information technology, business administration, criminal justice and hospitality .​
The sporting life of​ this representative of​ Baltimore community colleges includes men's and women's basketball teams, men's baseball and women's volleyball teams.
The Community College of​ Baltimore County offers associate Degrees and Certificate Programs .​
This college also has three major campuses, sited at​ Catonsville, Dundalk and Essex .​
There are also extension centers at​ Hunt Valley and Owings Mills .​
The Dundalk campus is​ home to​ the Baltimore County Police Training Academy .​
Courses at​ the college include anthropology, biology, electrical engineering and environmental science .​
There is​ also computer science and hospitality management and the arts are represented by courses in​ fine and applied art, dance, music and theatre .​
Online tutoring is​ available in​ computer studies and math.
Sport is​ actively pursued here too with teams in​ baseball, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, volleyball and softball .​
The Dundalk campus has a​ multi purpose stadium, gymnasium, baseball stadium and swimming pool .​
The Essex campus contains indoor marked courts, a​ weight training room, hard tennis courts and a​ multi purpose stadium .​
Baltimore community colleges prepare students for the world of​ work on campuses equipped with state of​ the art technology .​
There is​ an​ active social life and organized activities for sport and the arts .​
The Alumni Society at​ each college supports students after they have left .​
Both colleges have different things to​ offer and Baltimore is​ the richer for them.

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