Bali Shopping Fun

Bali Shopping Fun

It is​ said that shopping is​ a​ serious hobby, might be. to​ some, shopping sometime is​ considered a​ way to​ alleviate stress or​ just a​ fun. in​ fact shopping is​ everyone’s need, but Bali is​ a​ place where one can examine or​ to​ practice one’s personal bargaining skills. Unless the​ product is​ price-tagged, bargaining is​ the​ “habit or​ the​ tradition”.

Bali is​ a​ shopper’s paradise. Hundreds of​ boutiques and​ roadside stalls have been set up all over the​ island, and​ thousands of​ artisans, craftspeople, seamstresses, woodcarvers, painters, etc are kept busy supplying the​ tourist demand. Sometimes swarms of​ vendors crowd the​ beaches and​ streets offering you T-Shirts, sarong, necklaces, friendship bracelets, drinks and​ watches.

Go out from your hotel and​ then stroll along the​ road which is​ lined by myriads of​ shops and​ kiosks, soon the​ taxi drivers, shopkeepers and​ the​ restaurant’s staffs wave their hands and​ say the​ common word “kemana” means where are you going?, have a​ look. Sometimes they want to​ shake hand and​ take you into his shop. Smile and​ say hello to​ them, keep walking, but if​ you see something that you are looking for​ stop and​ enter, ask the​ price.

Try not to​ accept the​ first price that you are given, as​ most vendors add on anything between 30%-50% extra. Bargain or​ go to​ other shops. the​ most common word said by the​ Balinese vendor is​ “bangkrut” means bankrupt, if​ the​ price you make is​ thought to​ low. Usually if​ the​ vendor cease to​ smile, it’s mean you got the​ price. if​ you spent good enough money in​ one shop, try to​ ask him/her a​ souvenir, he/she will be very glad to​ offer you one for​ free.

You’ll get more for​ your money, if​ you are prepared to​ spend time and​ smile whilst bargaining. Although tempting, try not to​ make any major purchases for​ the​ first few days. Look around, take your time, bargain hard and​ then buy….and so to​ shopping. a​ fun isn’t it? Where and​ what to​ buy is​ the​ next step.

The variety is​ literally endless. Most of​ the​ handicrafts and​ paintings can be found in​ the​ district of​ Gianyar. the​ village of​ Mas and​ Kemenuh is​ famed of​ its best and​ talented wood carvers, you can visit a​ workshop where artisans in​ work, they produce either masterpieces or​ mass productions. Ubud is​ famed of​ its talented painters either classical, traditional or​ contemporary style. the​ best thing to​ do is​ to​ go to​ the​ major galleries, see which artist you like and​ seek them out at​ their home (if you have enough time). Remember bargaining is​ a​ “norm”.

Textiles in​ Gianyar, Klungkung, Karangasem (Tenganan), Kuta and​ Denpasar. Kuta has the​ best shopping, but you have to​ deal with the​ crassness (sometimes) of​ the​ shopkeepers. if​ you do not stay in​ Kuta during your vacation in​ Bali and​ wish to​ shop there, take a​ cab, stop and​ down in​ Kuta Center, this is​ the​ appropriate place to​ reach the​ neighboring sites like Legian and​ Seminak by taxi, there are hundreds of​ good shops. at​ Kuta Center you can find many quality shops, arts market, supermarket and​ department store (Matahari and​ Centro applied fixed prices).

Antiques: the​ “antique” business in​ Bali is​ booming. Carve a​ split piece of​ wood, paint it​ and​ bury it​ in​ the​ ground for​ a​ month and​ wow! an​ antique. You need very careful when buying antiques. Mind you, you can find all sorts of​ interesting items in​ the​ shops in​ Batubulan, Kuta, and​ Klungkung, but there’s no guarantee as​ to​ their age.

Ceramics: the​ village of​ Pejaten in​ Tabanan has whimsical and​ serious tiles as​ well as​ stoneware plates, bowls and​ the​ like. Good quality of​ stoneware can be found also in​ Kapal. Ceramics shops can be found also in​ Sanur Jl. D. Tamblingan, Kuta and​ Ubud.

Gold & Silver: Celuk, Kamasan and​ Bratan are the​ center for​ metal working, where all such ornaments are on sale at​ reasonable prices (bargaining is​ a​ must). the​ craftsmen will also produce pieces and​ settings to​ order, just bring them a​ drawing or​ a​ sample to​ copy. if​ you don’t like it, they’ll smelt it​ down and​ start over.

Handicrafts and​ souvenirs like bamboo implements, puppets and​ ornaments made of​ coconut shell and​ teakwood, hats and​ baskets, wooden earrings, keychains, clothes, pen and​ ink paintings are sold at​ most souvenir shops as​ well as​ in​ all the​ major tourist areas. Pasar Sukawati and​ Ubud is​ a​ good place to​ visit, chockfull of​ these things at​ rock bottom prices. Leather goods can now be found in​ all the​ shops in​ Kuta, Sanur and​ Ubud.

Batiks: the​ spiraling designs and​ geometric patterns of​ Javanese batik are seen everywhere on the​ island as​ part of​ the​ daily dress of​ the​ Balinese. Buffaloes, birds, masks, and​ puppet figures are some of​ the​ motives entwined in​ characteristic compositions. Most of​ what is​ being sold on the​ street by vendors is​ not batiks, but printed materials which the​ Balinese use for​ tablecloths. High quality of​ hand made batik paintings are produced now. the​ center of​ batiks is​ the​ village of​ Tohpati. Best factory to​ visit is​ Batik Populer and​ Kartika Candra.

So don’t wait to​ long, plan your vacation and​ chose Bali is​ a​ shoppers paradise for​ your travel destination. Go online and​ visit hotel reservation website and​ booked your preferred Bali Hotels. Bali is​ a​ small and​ very beautiful island located in​ Indonesia, one of​ the​ best tourist destinations in​ Asia.

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