Bakflip Tonneau Cover Review

Bakflip Tonneau Cover Review

At first glance you might think the spelling is​ wrong for this tonneau cover. This is​ the way it​ was intended to​ be spelled. it​ is​ made by BAK Industries hence the spelling. Bak is​ also the creator of​ the RollBak tonneau cover . Bak Industries say “Our belief is​ that just because a​ truck is​ used for work, doesn't mean it​ should look like a​ work-truck. it​ is​ possible to​ elegantly craft rugged and strong products and still maintain a​ clean look of​ sophistication and style.” Their company is​ located in​ North Hollywood California.

The Bakflip tonneau cover is​ a​ real nice piece of​ work. This hard truck bed cover is​ made of​ an​ automotive grade exterior UV Resistant plastic which is​ also scratch resistant. The cores of​ the panels are filled with a​ very sturdy resin based honeycomb structure which is​ waterproof. These panels are made not to​ crack, warp or​ fade. The panels are framed with a​ powder coated aircraft quality aluminum. All of​ this makes a​ light weight very durable tonneau cover.

The cover folds up in​ sections, and in​ seconds, all the way up to​ the cab of​ the pickup truck. This gives you easy access to​ your truck bed while still having the security and gas saving qualities of​ a​ tonneau cover. it​ sits flat on the truck bed and leaves the stake holes uncovered to​ allow you to​ use different types of​ racks. Great for a​ ladder rack, canoe rack and more.

There are testimonials of​ this truck cover saying it​ is​ shipped, very well packaged. This is​ good to​ ensure that your truck bed cover arrives to​ your door as​ it​ was sent from the warehouse. Many say the cover installs very easily. You can even go to​ the Bak industries website for an​ installation video.

Some say that the cover is​ water tight while others say that some water will get in. it​ seems that sometimes there is​ a​ sealer problem with some applications. When they contacted Bak Industries, Bak sent them some different thicknesses of​ sealer, which did solve the problem. it​ seems that the two screws which hold the front of​ the tonneau cover secure were made of​ steel and rust would show after a​ short time. Some changed these to​ stainless steel or​ galvanized Overall most people were very satisfied with their purchase. Even the one’s that had slight problems. The look of​ the Bakflip tonneau cover and the easy installation and how easy it​ was to​ get access to​ their truck bed made them very pleased with their purchase.

It seems the tonneau cover becomes very secure with the addition of​ a​ tailgate lock. The way the truck cover latches you need to​ open the tailgate to​ open the truck bed cover which is​ great to​ keep unwanted people from getting at​ your cargo.

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