Bad Web Design And Mistakes

Bad Web Design And Mistakes

Okay, we know we all need to​ pay the​ bills. I know that many of​ us want to​ get traffic to​ our web sites. and​ some of​ us just want to​ make enough money to​ pay for​ our costs so that this thing we love to​ do is​ free.

But, come on, that doesn't mean you should plaster a​ hundred ads or​ a​ dozen banners on every page of​ your web site. a​ banner here and​ there, a​ small button or​ a​ few text links is​ fine, but I've seen some web sites that have dozens and​ a​ few that have hundreds of​ ads on each page! Now this is​ just tacky and​ is​ virtually guaranteed to​ get your visitors to​ hit that handy back button fast.

One of​ the​ worst kinds of​ web sites, in​ my opinion, are those that are just huge advertisements. Especially those that are advertisements for​ dozens or​ even hundreds of​ other services. People do not surf the​ web looking for​ banners, text links and​ other advertisements to​ click on. in​ fact, statistically, most people are surfing because they are looking for​ (a) information, (b) entertainment, or​ (c) someone to​ talk to. Most web surfers are not looking for​ something to​ purchase.

A good web site offers excellent content (which can be graphics, text or​ interactive features). Even those sites which sell something also offer content which is​ of​ interest to​ their visitors. Go take a​ look at​ any really good shopping site and​ you will see what I mean. Look at​ Amazon or​ Barnes and​ Noble and​ you will understand - these sites offer tons of​ content. Reviews of​ their products, consumer comments and​ large amounts of​ data about the​ items being sold. This is​ what people want - information. Some common things on web site that you should never do.

Notices saying "please, pretty please, keep my site free and​ click on something". This just makes you look like a​ rank amateur. in​ my humble opinion, it's very tacky to​ expect people to​ click on links just so you can "keep your site free". Come up with or​ find a​ good product or​ service, and​ sell it​ if​ you must. Advertising is​ not in​ of​ itself of​ value – only products or​ services have value.

Web sites that are just advertisements - I suppose there is​ a​ place for​ brochures or​ full site advertisements, but I personally hit the​ back key as​ soon as​ I run into one of​ these. I want content. if​ I wanted this many advertisements I'd buy a​ magazine or​ look in​ the​ classified section of​ the​ newspaper.

Any large graphic advertisements. Remember one of​ the​ very important things in​ web design is​ load time. Your site must load fast. if​ you include large graphic ads you are increase your load times.

Popup Windows - if​ you do a​ survey of​ web surfers, you will find that these are among the​ most hated "features" that exist. No one likes pop up windows, and​ if​ your site has too many of​ them you will loose visitors fast. Oh, you may get a​ few more clicks or​ signups for​ your newsletter, but the​ amount of​ time your visitors remain on your site will be limited and​ of​ less quality.

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