Bad Date Survival Tips

Bad Date Survival Tips

Occasionally, a​ bad date happens to​ one person at​ a​ certain point in​ his or​ her life. One should do some assessment before writing off the​ person for​ life. No sparks at​ all? Too nervous to​ open any topic? is​ he or​ she being rude? Here are some things that you can do.

How to​ deal with a​ bad date? or​ when you are the​ one who's about to​ make it​ bad...

1. if​ you are feeling too nervous opt for​ a​ date over coffee. You will have less time fidgeting due too overnervousness since after finishing your coffee you can easily bid your date a​ quick "ta-ta".

2. There is​ no excuse for​ a​ date that is​ obnoxious and​ rude. Walk away Renee.

3. You and​ your date are not on the​ same wavelength? Endure the​ date, maintain your composure and​ leave politely. if​ your date asks for​ an​ extension, say an​ after meal drink, you can always politely (again) say no.

4. if​ you unintentionally insult your date, simply apologize then move on. if​ your insult is​ not that severe, your date might just forgive and​ forget.

5. Never provide entertainment at​ your expense. Humor is​ cool, self-bashing is​ not. it​ is​ not worth it​ to​ make your self feel uncomfortable trying to​ impress your date.

How to​ move on?

1. Don't punish yourself for​ a​ date that went horrible. Save it​ somewhere in​ your mind that is​ remote. or​ better yet, commend yourself for​ being able to​ go through it. Learn from your mistakes.

2. Share the​ details with a​ friend. This way you can treat it​ more of​ a​ laughingstock than something that will haunt you for​ life.

3. Get occupied with other activities so you can forgive yourself and​ forget about the​ bad date. Exercising, eating something sweet or​ watching a​ movie will make the​ bad vibes go away sooner than you expect.

4. Honesty and​ kindness are a​ good combination when it​ comes to​ turning down a​ bad date that would like a​ second round. Say something a​ bit blunt but peppered with some praise -- is​ that an​ oxymoron?

5. Now, if​ you think that the​ person still deserves a​ second chance, by all means, give him or​ her the​ second try. You can always laugh the​ bad date incident away when you are more comfortable with each other.

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