Background Checks A Detailed Guide

Background Checks – a​ Detailed Guide
Most people think that to​ run a​ background check you should turn to​ a​ private investigation bureau or​ a​ security company .​
In fact, background checks are easy to​ do yourself, with a​ little time and effort.
Background checks are widely used in​ business, human relations, media, education and even for screening day care workers .​
In many companies, background checks along with psychological tests and screenings have become integral part of​ hiring a​ person for higher level positions .​
You may choose to​ run a​ free background check when hiring a​ live-in caregiver or​ a​ nanny.
In many areas of​ employment, companies choose to​ run a​ background check to​ protect them from potential legal action .​
Background checks have become more common also after the tragic 9/11 events .​
For example, no one would wish to​ unknowingly hire a​ sales manager who had been found guilty of​ larceny in​ another country.
For many headhunters and employers, background checks can be as​ simple as​ getting a​ credit report or​ more complex checks such as​ in-depth verification of​ applicant’s educational background and working credentials .​
An in-depth background check could even include an​ investigation by a​ special agent of​ addresses where a​ person lived for the past few years, interviews with family, neighbors, and even ex-spouses.
More often, a​ background check includes checking recommendations and validating employment history; some positions require an​ examination of​ civil or​ criminal records, an​ authentication of​ various professional certifications, and sometimes an​ inspection of​ a​ credit history which is​ essential for positions related to​ finance or​ valuable commodities.
When a​ hiring company notifies you that a​ background check is​ to​ be performed, it​ does not mean that an​ employer has negative feelings about you .​
In most cases, a​ hiring manager may even not notify that they require the background check .​
However, in​ many cases employers are required to​ get your permission to​ access certain types of​ information.
Most HR professionals already know that all information required for a​ free background check is​ public and easily accessible .​
Sometimes, however, employers would have to​ pay a​ fee to​ access more specific information or​ hire third-party organizations to​ do their checks for them .​
To make sure you have nothing to​ fear, order a​ copy of​ your own credit report, a​ driving record, and, if​ you have a​ court history, legal records.
Generally, free background checks have limited if​ no access to​ bankruptcy information that is​ more than 10 years old or​ to​ other civil issues after seven years .​
The sort of​ information collected by free background checks can also vary; depending on whom performs the checks.
In most cases, unless you are particularly curious, you don’t have to​ perform a​ background check on yourself .​
However, you may wish to​ run a​ free background check on yourself just to​ make sure no errors have been made or​ recorded incorrectly .​
Now you too have the ability, thanks to​ the Internet to​ do a​ free background check on yourself if​ you really want to .​
You can make sure that your records are absolutely clean for that extra peace of​ mind, that may help you get that precious contract or​ a​ job of​ your dreams.

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