Back End Offers Make Real Profits

Back-End Offers – Make Real Profits
Often the real profits lie in​ back-end sales.
Once you have a​ customer, you simply offer additional products, add-ons, upgrades, a​ super-deluxe version of​ the original product purchase with all the bells and whistles .​
The customer is​ already sold on the product or​ service, based on your sales material or​ presentation .​
The back-end offer should supply the answer to​ what’s next? It should be related in​ some way to​ the original product, and the most successful back-end products are higher-priced accessories that makes it​ easier of​ better for the buyer than simply having the original.
A back end product should further enhance the product that the buyer intended to​ purchase .​
Whatever the original product does, a​ good back-end product will make it​ faster, better, more detailed, more complete or​ easier to​ use and benefit from – in​ essence it​ is​ far more helpful to​ the prospect in​ satisfying his wants, than is​ the original, more basic product.
Keys to​ Success
The success of​ back-end products can be attributed to​ having a​ captive, highly targeted audience who is​ definitely interested in​ achieving a​ specific result or​ solving a​ specific problem .​
The add-on product makes it​ easier to​ solve the prospect’s problem, quickly.
Another factor is​ to​ further sell the customer while he is​ still in​ the buying mode and while he is​ feeling good about solving a​ problem or​ moving closer towards a​ goal.
To come with examples of​ back-end products simply ask What product or​ service could I​ also offer that would be a​ natural match for what my customer is​ buying now? a​ self-publisher could offer a​ booklet on a​ specific topic .​
As a​ back-end, he could offer the same topic covered in​ greater detail and presented in​ a​ multi-media format complete with audio cassettes, videos, manual and CD.
Opportunities for back-end or​ additional add-on products are easy to​ find .​
a​ shoe store can offer shoe buying customers, laces, polish, protectants or, other accessories, based on the type of​ shoe sold .​
Ever visit a​ theatre to​ watch a​ movie and not order popcorn, chips, soft drink, or​ some other refreshment? Those items are all back-end products .​
First you bought your tickets, then you went to​ the snack bar.
My local video store now offers tape protection as​ an​ extra option .​
It’s basically insurance against returning a​ damaged video .​
Since most videos rented out these days are new releases, tapes being returned in​ damaged condition are a​ rarity .​
Yet, many people gladly pay the extra twenty-five cents to​ feel secure .​
a​ clever new profit center for the video-rental industry.
Always be mindful of​ products, services or​ ideas that your customers will willingly pay for .​
Anything that can make it​ easier or​ hassle-free for the customer, could be a​ good candidate as​ an​ add-on product .​
Convenience is​ a​ wonderful thing and many will willingly pay you for it.
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