Baby Stroller Reviews

Baby Stroller Reviews

One way of​ deciding if​ a​ particular stroller is​ right for you and your baby is​ to​ test it​ out. Another way is​ to​ look at​ reviews of​ the baby stroller to​ see how it​ stands with those who have already used the same model you are looking at. The reviews of​ four different stroller types will address the pros and cons of​ each particular stroller.

The Graco Duo-glider - Metropolitan Standard Stroller is​ a​ multiple stroller and definitely has more pros than cons however, the decision is​ strictly yours to​ make. The seat of​ this stroller lies flat, it​ has a​ great price and great accessories, and it​ folds small for its size. The extras are nice, there is​ a​ five-point harness, and it​ strolls nicely. There is​ a​ huge storage basket under the seat, it​ is​ easy to​ open and easy to​ get in​ the car.

The cons of​ the Graco Duo-Glider is​ that the basket cannot be reached when the seat is​ lying flat. The seat sides need more support. The cup holder on the front seat must be removed to​ shut the trunk of​ the car.

The Per Prego Duette MT - Black Sable Twin Seat Standard Stroller is​ durable, has full suspension, and reclining seats. This is​ an​ easy to​ push stroller and it​ has a​ smooth ride. The seats can face each other and they both recline. it​ is​ narrow for shopping. It’s design is​ high quality with lots of​ leg room and a​ five-point harness. There is​ a​ roomy seat area.

The complaints about the Per Prego Duette MT are that it​ is​ large and heavy. it​ is​ expensive. it​ is​ hard to​ fold. it​ takes up a​ lot of​ room. There is​ no storage basket and this stroller does not collapse all the way.

The Evenflo Cititour Silver Star Twin Seat Standard Stroller has a​ comfortable rear seat. This stroller can handle up to​ forty pounds in​ each seat. it​ has soft and padded material. There is​ a​ toddler drink and snack tray. This stroller steers rather easily and there is​ easy access to​ the basket.

Complaints about this stroller include the fact that the parent tray falls down. The front wheels squeak and wobble after about two weeks of​ usage The front canopy is​ too small for a​ toddler. it​ is​ difficult to​ open and close. The fabric has a​ tendency to​ catch in​ the joints of​ the frame.

Let’s take a​ look at​ the Graco Quattro Tour 7411 LV - Travel System Stroller is​ said to​ be sturdy. it​ is​ easy to​ clean and use. it​ has great features. This is​ a​ very safe stroller. it​ is​ a​ complete traveling system which includes a​ stay in​ the car base. The car safety seat detaches from the base and is​ attached to​ the stroller frame. The car safety seat also can be an​ infant carrier. it​ is​ an​ excellent snug-ride infant seat with a​ useful base. it​ has a​ large storage basket. it​ requires only one hand to​ fold it.

The complaints about this particular stroller are that the company needs to​ produce more girl colors. This stroller is​ very bulky and heavy. it​ is​ a​ pricey model. it​ is​ oversized and again very heavy.

The only positive statement about the Combi Tetra TS Crimson Standard Stroller is​ that it​ has cool colors. The wheels don’t turn properly and the basket is​ inaccessible when the seat is​ recline. There are three reclining positions only two of​ which work. it​ unfolds but doesn’t lock which poses a​ serious risk to​ you and your baby and the frame is​ made of​ cheap plastic.

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