Baby Stroller Features To Consider Before Buying

Baby Stroller Features To Consider Before Buying

Purchasing a​ baby stroller is​ as​ an​ important decision as​ purchasing a​ crib or​ a​ car seat. There are so many choices to​ choose from and each baby stroller holds a​ multitude of​ features. They also range in​ prices from inexpensive to​ expensive which is​ why it​ is​ important to​ choose the right stroller from the start. While staying within a​ budget is​ important, you may be better off spending a​ little more for a​ baby stroller up front, rather than buying a​ cheap stroller and having it​ break after a​ couple of​ months.

The most important features to​ consider when buying a​ stroller are the safety features. Buying a​ new stroller makes it​ easier to​ check for various safety features required in​ baby strollers. First off check that the stroller has an​ adequate breaking system. Also be sure that the proper safety harness is​ in​ place (usually a​ 5 point safety harness) and check that there is​ a​ crotch strap as​ well. a​ crotch strap will prevent your baby from sliding out of​ the stroller.

Other features which are not critical but help are things like adjustable handles. You are more than likely not the only person who will be pushing the stroller so adjustable handles are very helpful. You may also want to​ consider a​ stroller made from washable material or​ has Scotchguard protection to​ limit staining. Newer model strollers are usually built with stain guard fabrics.

Storage space is​ also a​ plus in​ a​ good stroller. You will need to​ have space for things such as​ a​ diaper bag, baby formula, as​ well as​ having room to​ carry any extra bags. After storage space consideration, your next feature check is​ how well will your stroller store? You will want one that will fold easily and open easily because you will be moving that stroller in​ and out of​ the car or​ storing it​ in​ a​ closet, etc. The last thing you want to​ be doing is​ fighting with a​ stroller every time you need to​ use it​ or​ put it​ away.

If you are an​ active parent, you may consider the jogging stroller. Jogging strollers are great for the mom or​ dad who wants to​ get in​ their exercise with their baby. The only downside to​ these strollers are that they are usually not made for carrying extra bags and are generally not lightweight. Another issue is​ they are not recommended for newborns. if​ you are into exercising, you are probably better off purchasing two separate strollers, one for daily use and one for jogging or​ running.

What it​ boils down to​ is​ the features that you will need on a​ regular basis. Safety features go without saying but some parents need more storage in​ there strollers where as​ some parents rather have a​ lighter weight stroller that is​ easy to​ store. it​ may help to​ write down the features you are looking for in​ a​ stroller and then researching particular brands to​ see which one fits your needs best.

Baby Stroller Features To Consider Before Buying

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