Baby Sleeping Scrapbook Page Layout Ideas

Baby Sleeping – Scrapbook Page Layout Ideas
Your new baby is​ a​ precious addition to​ your family, and you want to​ keep every little memory safe in​ a​ scrapbook – conventional or​ digital .​
You have so many cute pictures – many of​ them with your baby sleeping .​
You want to​ feature your baby sleeping with scrapbook page layout ideas that show how sweet your little boy or​ girl is .​

Baby Sleeping Themes

Scrapbook page layout ideas should begin with themes .​
In this case, you have chosen a​ theme of​ baby sleeping, but you may want to​ consider something that is​ not so broad .​
1 .​
Does baby pout when sleeping? Your theme could be precious pouter.
2 .​
If baby sleeps with heaps of​ toys, a​ theme might be our priceless toy.
3 .​
Knitting up the raveled sleeve of​ care is​ a​ Shakespearean theme that could feature baby sleeping .​
As you consider scrapbook page layout ideas, open your mind to​ a​ variety of​ themes.
Baby Sleeping Layout Starters
You can get your creative juices flowing by looking at​ page layout ideas others have created .​
Here are 7 page layout ideas to​ get you started:
1 .​
Baby Sleeping at​ Baptism: Page layout ideas for a​ baptism look good with ribbons and lace in​ antique off-white shades .​
Use a​ background paper in​ a​ rich wine shade .​
If baby received a​ certificate of​ baptism, this can be used along with photos .​
Focus attention on baby sleeping by making that photo prominent, framing it​ in​ lace .​
Include photos of​ parents and others who were a​ part of​ the occasion .​
a​ row of​ photos across the top of​ a​ 2-page spread could be set off from the rest of​ the page with a​ lace ribbon .​
Be sure the baby’s full name is​ included in​ rich lettering.
2 .​
Baby Sleeping in​ Pink: Scrapbook page layout ideas for a​ little girl in​ pink will look good with a​ sprinkling of​ sugar and spice .​
Background paper can be a​ cinnamon brown textured paper .​
a​ dictionary definition of​ spice on a​ torn antique ivory paper could be topped with one photo of​ baby sleeping .​
Write sugar on a​ tag, and add a​ ribbon .​
Don’t forget a​ bit of​ journaling to​ tell about baby’s sleep habits .​
Embellishment candies will carry your theme beautifully.
3 .​
Baby Sleeping in​ Blue: One of​ the cute page layout ideas you may want to​ consider is​ one that centers on a​ Little Boy Blue theme .​
Begin with a​ background in​ pale blues and whites .​
Perhaps a​ wide stripe patterned paper, or​ even a​ piece of​ blue and white fabric would work well .​
Mount your baby sleeping photo on the background with black corners .​
Add a​ photo or​ two of​ the many blue things in​ his life .​
Stack blue blankets, sleepers, toys – anything blue – and snap a​ few photos for further page layout ideas .​
Add blue embellishments, stickers, and a​ memento such as​ a​ piece of​ a​ blue blanket or​ favorite clothing .​
Journal in​ dark blue ink, making your notes encircle the page as​ a​ border .​

4 .​
Baby Sleeping at​ Birth: For page layout ideas that feature your baby sleeping during the first weeks of​ life, consider adding a​ copy of​ the birth certificate .​
If it​ has footprints on the back, be sure you use a​ copy of​ those, too .​
For digital page layout ideas, consider scanning the foot prints onto your hard drive .​
Then, in​ a​ graphics program, give them a​ transparent layer .​
Beneath that, insert a​ layer with the word baby in​ pastel colors, one color per letter .​
a​ few extra feet would be a​ cute embellishment .​
Frame your baby in​ pastel frames.
5 .​
Baby Sleeping on Baby Sheets: Scrapbook page layout ideas for a​ baby asleep might begin with a​ background of​ sheet fabric .​
If you have the actual crib sheets on which baby slept, you might cut a​ piece the size of​ your page, and use it​ for a​ background .​
Mount your photos on torn paper in​ one of​ the brighter colors from the sheet .​
If the sheet has pictures of​ baby animals or​ toys, use similar embellishments and stickers .​
Add a​ corner of​ baby’s favorite blanket as​ a​ memento, and a​ note about how your boy or​ girl loved it .​
6 .​
Baby Sleeping in​ Family Tree: This is​ one of​ those page layout ideas that work well in​ a​ family heritage scrapbook .​
Start with a​ family tree background that uses a​ nostalgic tree graphic with family names arranged on it .​
Don’t worry about covering some names .​
This is​ just background for this page .​
mount your baby sleeping in​ a​ cradle cut out .​
Place the cradle strategically in​ the tree .​
Photos of​ parents or​ grandparents asleep as​ babies in​ the 40’s or​ 50’s would be fun for comparison .​
Who does baby resemble more? Add a​ few bird stickers .​
Journal on leaf shapes .​
Add a​ border of​ leaves.
7 .​
Baby Sleeping at​ Dinner: Many babies fall asleep in​ the high chair, their tiny heads ending up on the tray .​
Scrapbook page layout ideas that feature such a​ photo can carry through the dinner theme .​
Can you tell what was served the time the photo was taken? If it​ was baby food from jars, get identical jars and set up a​ photo of​ what was on the menu .​
Write out the menu for more interest .​
Add a​ menu item of​ Zzzzzzzz .​
If baby sleeping was at​ a​ home-made meal, include a​ recipe as​ one of​ your page layout ideas .​
Arrange a​ few teddy bear stickers and a​ spoon .​
Whatever scrapbook page layout ideas are used, you will want to​ remember that each page is​ a​ canvas on which you paint a​ picture .​
Imagine each scrapbook page hung on the wall of​ a​ gallery or​ displayed on an​ art easel .​
All page layout ideas should tell stories without additional comments.

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