Baby Sleep Tips Making Your Baby Comfortable

Often, it​ seems fairly random whether or​ not babies sleep well. New parents will often discuss how they were simply "lucky" with one child as​ opposed to​ another. While it​ is​ true that in​ many cases how your child sleeps is​ largely out of​ your control, there remains many baby sleep tips you can employ to​ encourage better sleeping habits. One of​ the most important is​ to​ ensure that your baby is​ comfortable when he goes to​ sleep.

Bedtime is​ a​ transitional period for your child, and your efforts to​ make him sleep better should revolve around getting him to​ learn to​ sleep on his own. One of​ the most important elements of​ achieving this is​ to​ create an​ environment where your baby is​ as​ comfortable as​ possible. For this reason, the before-bed routine should always consist of​ changing and feedings - the worst thing for a​ baby, in​ terms of​ sleeping well, is​ to​ be in​ want of​ something when he is​ put to​ bed.

You should also be trying to​ make your baby as​ physically comfortable as​ possible when putting him to​ sleep. One of​ the most commonly overlooked aspects of​ this is​ allowing your baby to​ breathe easily through the nose. Most people, but especially babies, depend on clear nasal passages for a​ good night's sleep. It's important to​ remove all airborne allergens in​ the baby's nursery: everything should be well dusted, and you should keep dust collecting items - like fuzzy blankets and stuffed animals - to​ a​ minimum. When your baby is​ very young it​ takes time for him to​ learn to​ breathe through his mouth, so you must carefully pay attention to​ his nasal breathing when putting him to​ sleep. if​ you notice the problem is​ persistent, you may benefit from installing an​ air filter in​ the room that is​ designed to​ remove dust particles and allergens - this also has the added bonus of​ creating a​ soothing hum that will help many babies sleep better.

You should also pay particular attention to​ your baby's clothing. All babies are different in​ terms of​ their preferences, and you have to​ watch them closely. in​ many cases, things that look comfortable to​ you - very snug outfits, for example - may not be comfortable for your particular baby. Try both tight and loose fitting clothes and see which ones your baby seems to​ prefer.

Finally, consider how well your baby sleeps with wet diapers. Most babies will sleep well through the night with a​ wet diaper, but some will not. if​ this is​ the case, you can often solve your baby's sleeping difficulties by giving him a​ change in​ the night.

The main thing to​ keep in​ mind in​ terms of​ your babies comfort is​ to​ pay close attention, and to​ trust your instincts. Although it​ is​ tempting to​ follow guides and stick to​ hard and fast rules, remember that the adage "mother knows best" is​ generally true. So if​ your baby seems uncomfortable in​ his clothes, don't hesitate to​ change him into something that doesn't "look" as​ comfortable. if​ you trust your own judgments over those of​ guides in​ terms of​ your baby's comfort, it's likely that he will sleep much better.

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