Baby Sleep Tips The Ferber Method

One of​ the most important things in​ getting you baby to​ sleep properly is​ for your baby to​ learn to​ sleep on his or​ her own. The reason it​ is​ so difficult for many parents - why parents of​ a​ newborn suffer from so many sleepless nights - is​ because your baby, at​ first, isn't used to​ sleeping on his own, and when he wakes up in​ the night he cries for his mother: being in​ the presence of​ his mother is​ only way he knows how to​ get to​ sleep. it​ is​ natural that this transition from sleeping with the mother, to​ sleeping on his own, will take some time for your baby. Many baby sleep tips involve setting up a​ strict nighttime routine, and introducing objects - such as​ stuffed animals - into the bed that your baby can associate with sleep. if​ you find after some months that your baby is​ still not able to​ sleep on his own, you can try what is​ known as​ the Ferber method.

Invented by Dr. Richard Ferber, the Ferber method is​ the most common way of​ weaning your child away from the mother, in​ terms of​ his sleep habits. it​ is​ usually successful within a​ couple of​ weeks. Nevertheless, it​ is​ important that you choose a​ week where you can afford to​ lose some sleep to​ begin the Ferber method. Especially at​ the beginning of​ the process, the Ferber method does require that you spend a​ lot of​ time listening to​ your baby crying, and if​ you attempt it​ at​ a​ time when you are desperate to​ sleep, you run the risk of​ breaking down and allowing your child to​ sleep with you, or​ sleeping in​ the room with him. if​ you do so you risk undoing a​ lot of​ work that you will have put into the method.

The first night you attempt the Ferber method, put your child to​ bed as​ you normally do. Your baby should be tired but still awake when you put him to​ bed, so that he is​ left to​ fall asleep on his own. After you leave the room, the baby will inevitably start crying. Allow him to​ cry for about 5 minutes, then re-enter the room to​ console him. It's important that you stay in​ the room for only a​ short time - even if​ he is​ still crying - and that you don't pick him up or​ rock him. This second time you leave the room, wait 10 minutes before returning in​ the same manner. The third time wait 15 minutes, and set this as​ a​ maximum wait time for the rest of​ the night.

Every time thereafter, enter the room briefly and then allow your child to​ cry for 15 minutes. Eventually, he will fall asleep on his own during one of​ the 15 minute intervals in​ which you are out of​ the room. The second night, you should begin with a​ 10 minute wait before re-entering the room, followed by 15 and then 20 minutes. in​ a​ similar fashion, increase your initial and subsequent wait times by 5 minutes each night.

Using this method your child will soon learn to​ go to​ sleep on his own. Although it​ can be difficult to​ listen to​ your baby cry, understand that the Ferber method is​ a​ safe and effective way of​ getting your baby to​ learn to​ sleep on his own.

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