Babies And Sleeping 23

Babies and Sleeping
Being parents is​ a​ hard enough job without having sleep deprivation .​
Most parents find that they have to​ survive on less sleep .​
The glorious day when baby sleeps right through the night can never come too soon .​
Babies who nap through the day and then cry at​ night wreak havoc with parent's sleeping patterns .​
There are strategies to​ try to​ cope with babies and sleeping habits.
If you are able to, it's a​ good idea to​ sleep when the baby does .​
Unplug the phone, put a​ do not disturb sign on the door and snooze along with junior .​
At nighttime, a​ warm bath can help to​ make baby sleepy, so time bath time just before putting baby down .​
Babies and sleeping routines are important, so bedtime needs to​ be about the same time every night, but don't be a​ slave to​ it.
Sometimes, baby wakes up crying and for no apparent reason .​
They are dry, just been fed and you can't think what could be wrong .​
At other times, the reason may be that they are teething or​ have colic .​
If you have exhausted all possibilities, they may be satisfied with a​ hug .​
Unfortunately, babies and sleeping don't always go together.
Babies need a​ quite environment and not be cold or​ too warm .​
There are things that may calm them if​ they are anxious, such as​ a​ lullaby or​ a​ mobile above the cot .​
Some parents have found that placing baby next to​ a​ tumble drier soothes them into sleep! As a​ last resort in​ solving the babies and sleeping problem, some parents take baby out for a​ car ride .​
Baby falls asleep and then is​ carried gingerly to​ bed .​
Some babies will not fall asleep in​ their cot at​ any time and parents have to​ wait for them to​ nod off wherever they happen to​ be and than carry them to​ bed.
Teething and illnesses make the problem worse .​
Make sure that you have something from the doctor to​ rub on to​ sore gums when those teeth start to​ push through .​
Colic often interrupts babies and sleeping through .​
There are medicines to​ give for this too .​
If you are despairing parents with a​ wakeful child, just remember that it​ won't always be like this .​
The first six months will fly by, albeit in​ a​ sleepless haze .​
Soon, they'll be teenagers and you'll be losing sleep because they haven't come home yet!

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