Avoid Weight Gain During The Holidays 5 Easy Tips

Avoid Weight Gain During The Holidays 5 Easy Tips

If you're worried about gaining weight over the​ holidays you're not alone.

The average North American gains 7 to​ 12 pounds over the​ Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. But it​ doesn't have to​ be that way.

Follow these simple holiday diet tips and tricks and you'll avoid the​ holiday weight gain that afflicts so many other people:

#1 Drink Water - and Lots of​ It.

Boring I know - but the​ reason this tip stays around year after year is​ because it​ works. Adequate water intake keeps your metabolism humming along at​ a​ maximum rate and staves off hunger cravings as​ well.

In fact many people mistake thirst for hunger and end up eating to​ quench their thirst. This results in​ more calories than you body needs and - you guessed it​ - excess pounds.

Models and celebrities all know about the​ powerful slimming effects of​ drinking water which is​ why you often see them holding a​ bottle of​ water in​ their hands as​ they dash through airports or​ stand around at​ fashion shows.

#2 Increase Your Exercise a​ Little Bit Every Day

Everyone deserves to​ indulge in​ holiday treats. Part of​ the​ fun of​ the​ holiday season is​ the​ amazing treats that are only around at​ Christmas and/or Thanksgiving.

Accept the​ fact that you're going to​ indulge a​ bit - and then enjoy it! But make sure you make up for it​ elsewhere by increasing your exercise.

You don't have to​ double your exercise time or​ sweat till you fall off your treadmill. Just increase your exercise time a​ bit every day,​ maybe ten minutes here,​ fifteen minutes there. it​ all adds up.

You'll burn off those holiday treats and easily avoid extra weight gain. I have several girlfriends who have been doing this trick for years and they never gain a​ pound over the​ holidays (in fact they often lose a​ few!).

#3 Cut Back Where You Can at​ Other Meals

Did you know that the​ average number of​ calories consumed by one person during a​ typical Thanksgiving dinner is​ 7,​100! That's about 2 pounds strictly in​ terms of​ calories alone.

But not to​ worry. All you have to​ do is​ make small calorie cutbacks at​ other meals the​ week before and you'll easily make up for the​ extra calories.

For example,​ instead a​ huge slice of​ pecan pie (which normally will run you about 500 calories) for desert,​ why not try some blueberries mixed with low fat yogurt? Instead of​ the​ bag of​ potato chips you usually indulge in​ for the​ big game,​ why not munch on​ air-popped,​ low fat popcorn?

You can save as​ much as​ 500 calories and you're still having a​ salty,​ satisfying snack.

Bottom line: cut back where you can in​ little ways. You won't miss the​ little sacrifices and you can then enjoy your holiday meals - guilt free!

#4 Eat What You Like - But Only a​ Few Bites

If you absolutely cannot imagine giving up any of​ your favorite treats this holiday season,​ give yourself permission to​ have a​ bite of​ everything - but only a​ bite!

I read somewhere that Jessica Simpson never denies herself any of​ her favorite foods - but she only allows herself one or​ two bites. And let's face it​ the​ first couple of​ bites are the​ best tasting anyways!

#5 Don't Eat After 7:00 pm

Experts tell us that the​ earlier in​ the​ day food is​ eaten,​ the​ more likely it​ is​ to​ be burned off. However when you eat late at​ night,​ this food is​ more likely to​ be stored as​ fat.

Celebrities like Oprah use this knowledge to​ their advantage and refuse to​ eat after a​ certain time like 7:00 p.m.

So if​ you know you absolutely must have a​ sweet indulgence during the​ day,​ try to​ have it​ before noon. Then towards the​ end of​ the​ day,​ snack on​ healthy,​ lower carb foods like salads,​ vegetable broth,​ fruits or​ lean protein.

This keeps your metabolism elevated but won't pack on​ the​ pounds. I've personally used this trick before every holiday Christmas party for 5 years running and it​ certainly helps for getting into those slinky Christmas party dresses!

So those are 5 diet tips to​ avoid holiday weight gain this year. Follow them and you're guaranteed to​ save yourself the​ stress of​ unwanted weight gain. Heck,​ you'll probably even lose a​ few pounds,​ all in​ time for New Year's Eve!

Avoid Weight Gain During The Holidays 5 Easy Tips

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