Avoid Wedding Nerves Weight Gain

If a​ bride tells you that she’s not worried about fitting into her wedding dress,​ then she is​ probably lying. While the​ stress of​ planning a​ wedding can cause a​ lot of​ women to​ forget about eating,​ others find comfort in​ nibbling a​ little more or​ can’t find time to​ exercise.

The result is​ a​ wedding dress that needs to​ be taken out,​ rather than in​ at​ the​ final fitting. And every bride fears this.

Keeping your dress

When it​ comes to​ staying in​ shape,​ you need to​ think of​ a​ few things before weighing yourself constantly. First of​ all,​ your health is​ number one at​ this time. You are under a​ lot of​ pressure,​ so you need to​ make sure that your body is​ able to​ handle it​ well.

To do this,​ you will want to​ find some way to​ incorporate exercise into your life. of​ course,​ you might laugh and wonder where you’ll ever find the​ time,​ but know that you should. Even if​ it’s just fifteen minutes a​ day,​ you need to​ walk,​ run,​ bike,​ whatever.

Exercise creates stress resistance. You’ve heard the​ expression of​ blowing off steam by going out for a​ run,​ well it​ works. Not only are you creating a​ great distraction for your body and mind,​ but you’re also strengthening your body for any added pressure.

Of course,​ burning calories is​ always nice.

Watching the​ nibbles

Mindlessly nibbling is​ the​ quickest way to​ gain weight. And even though you don’t have the​ time to​ prepare the​ healthiest of​ meals,​ you may want to​ consider healthier choices. Finding salads with low-fat dressing is​ good,​ but overall,​ they’re not very filling. You can actually go to​ the​ drive-thru and get a​ burger; it​ just shouldn’t be the​ biggest one on​ the​ menu. Choose the​ plain hamburger and a​ salad—it’s a​ quick and filling meal.

You will want to​ watch the​ sweets for a​ while. These can cause you to​ want to​ eat more and that’s the​ last thing that you want.

When you’re having your fittings for your wedding dress,​ you will want to​ be honest about what you can wear. Just because you want to​ wear a​ size six dress doesn’t mean that your size ten body is​ going to​ magically shrink to​ accommodate you. Be realistic about what you’re going to​ be able to​ wear and tell the​ person who is​ altering the​ dress if​ something is​ too tight.

You don’t want to​ be an​ uncomfortable bride now,​ do you?

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