Avoid These Mini Storage Unit Auction Mistakes

Avoid These Mini Storage Unit Auction Mistakes

Avoid These Mini Storage Unit Auction Mistakes
Do you want to​ use mini storage auctions as​ a​ way to​ make money? if​ so, money is​ made with the​ reselling of​ merchandise won at​ an​ auction .​
How you resell your merchandise can have an​ impact on your profits, but your biggest potential for​ making money starts at​ mini storage auctions .​
To increase your chances of​ making money, avoid these common mistakes.
Traveling too far .​
It is​ said that the​ more storage unit auctions you attend, the​ better your chances are for​ making a​ profit .​
Yes, this is​ true, but you shouldn’t have to​ travel two or​ more hours to​ attend these auctions, unless you know they will be large in​ size .​
With the​ high cost of​ gasoline, you may find the​ best luck staying local .​
the​ good news is​ that if​ you live in​ a​ large city, you may hear of​ a​ different mini storage auction taking place every weekend!
Arriving late .​
if​ you seriously want to​ make money with mini storage auctions, arrive early .​
At the​ very least, arrive ten minutes before the​ auction is​ scheduled to​ start .​
Although you may not be able to​ inspect the​ items up for​ bid, you can still improve your chances of​ getting a​ sale .​
You can scout out the​ competition.
Not asking questions .​
Not asking questions is​ something that can hurt you .​
as​ previously stated, only travel two hours or​ more to​ attend auctions that are large in​ size .​
Unfortunately, you may not know without first asking .​
Also, call ahead to​ verify that the​ auction has not been cancelled .​
Ask what the​ accepted methods of​ payment are and​ how the​ bidding process works .​
Are you bidding on sealed storage bins or​ whole storage bays?
Bidding too high on blind bids .​
as​ previously stated, you may either bid on a​ sealed bin or​ a​ whole storage bay .​
Many times, the​ units are opened, giving you a​ quick look inside .​
When it​ comes to​ closed storage units or​ sealed bins, bid, but keep the​ risk in​ mind .​
While most storage units are packed full, some may only hold one box in​ the​ corner .​
This is​ particularly true if​ the​ renters had the​ chance to​ remove items before the​ auction.
Not bringing a​ flashlight .​
if​ the​ storage units you are bidding on will be opened, you may be granted a​ quick peek inside .​
This peek may only last 10 seconds .​
So, bring a​ flashlight so that you can see .​

Not knowing what to​ look for​ .​
if​ you want to​ make money with mini storage auctions, it​ is​ important to​ know what you can profit from reselling .​
You are always taking a​ gamble, but you can make that gamble less risky .​
Furniture and​ household appliances are good items to​ resell and​ they are easy to​ spot .​
Look for​ name brand products .​
Look for​ boxes that are labeled with their destinations, like kitchen, bedroom, or​ living room.
Thinking you will get rich right away .​
Since mini storage auctions do rely on a​ lot of​ luck, there is​ a​ possibility that you will make a​ profit with your first auction, but that doesn’t always happen .​
Remember, the​ more items you buy, the​ better your chances of​ making a​ profit are .​
if​ you lose money the​ first time around, know you can make a​ huge profit the​ next time.

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