Avoid These Advertising Mistakes At All Costs

Avoid These Advertising Mistakes At All Costs

Avoid these advertising mistakes at​ all costs!
People have taken a​ number of​ approaches trying to​ do their own advertising ranging from silly all the​ way to​ insulting .​
These people choose there approach for​ various reasons .​
Some were ignorant about advertising and​ marketing while others were acting on incorrect information - usually in​ the​ form of​ cliches such as​ sex sells .​
If you're in​ doubt, I​ can assure you that unless your business is​ in​ Nevada, sex does not sell .​
If you're going to​ handle your own advertising, here are a​ few things to​ avoid:
Pictures that have nothing to​ do with your product or​ service - if​ your company is​ in​ the​ carpet cleaning business there is​ no reason to​ have a​ picture of​ a​ baby .​
No one is​ going to​ say What a​ cute baby, I​ think I​ want this company to​ clean my carpets .​
The same goes for​ pictures of​ sexy people (male or​ female) in​ provocative poses and​ little clothing.
Cheesy headlines - I​ actually saw an​ ad with a​ headline that said We might be able to​ afford a​ bigger ad if​ you'd buy something from us .​
Yes, this will probably get someone's attention, but do you want to​ be remembered as​ the​ company that is​ having financial problems?
Illegible fonts - Most people will not take the​ time to​ decipher your ad when it​ is​ written in​ brush script, in​ which case, even the​ most persuasive copy is​ rendered useless .​
You want to​ use simple, clean fonts for​ headlines and​ body copy .​
Save the​ artistic fonts for​ accents and​ things of​ that nature.

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